how much is it to ride bird scooter

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Example Bird Scooter Prices

These are some samples of per-minute prices in some larger U.S. cities to help you better understand how Bird pricing operates. S. cities.

Although most places see an average of 15 cents per minute, people living in larger cities should be prepared for occasional fluctuations.

For renters who have a four-mile commute, the first rental fee is $1.

It will take around 24 minutes to travel those miles at ten mph. That comes out to $3. 60 is the result of multiplying 24 minutes by the rate of 15 cents per minute.

Your total trip cost, including the base fare, is $4. 60, which is less than most cities’ minimum Uber fare

These are some additional examples to help you better understand the pricing:

  • 10 Minutes: $1.50 + $1.00 start fee = $2.50 total
  • 30 Minutes $4.50 + $1.00 start fee = $5.50 total
  • 1 Hour: $9.00 + $1.00 start fee = $10 total

It makes sense that these scooter services would be more well-liked and easily accessible in such a large city.

Unfortunately, that has resulted in a higher per-minute rate. You will have to pay 25 cents for each minute that you ride a Bird scooter in Los Angeles, California!

That works out to $4.75 for a fifteen-minute ride, or $16 for an hour. That’s still not too bad, though, when you compare it to other public transportation options.

In comparison to Los Angeles, using Bird for a ride in Denver, Colorado, is relatively less expensive.

Denver’s Bird scooter rides typically cost 15 cents per minute, despite the city’s size. This will come to $3.25 for a fifteen-minute ride, or $10 for an hour.

How Much Do Bird Scooters Cost?

Using a Bird scooter is expensive because there is a per-minute rate in addition to an unlocking fee.

A fifteen-minute Bird scooter ride usually costs about $3. 25, including the unlocking fee.

Riding a Bird scooter typically costs 15 cents per minute, but the price might vary greatly depending on where you are.

The price per minute may more than double in some large cities and less than double in others.

The total cost of using a Bird scooter for an hour would be about $10 if you used it constantly at an average rate of 15 cents per minute and added the unlocking fee.

It is noteworthy to mention that Bird has modified their rates per minute in certain cities subsequent to the publication of the initial article.

For the most accurate pricing, users are therefore urged to verify the current rates in their particular city.

Data via Bird

Location Price Per Minute Location Price Per Minute
Abilene, TX $0.20 Memphis, TN $0.20
Arlington, VA $0.15 Minneapolis, MN $0.15
Athens, GA $0.15 Norman, OK $0.15
Austin, TX $0.15 Oakland, CA $0.15
Baltimore, MD $0.15 Oklahoma City, OK $0.15
Chapel Hill, NC $0.20 Portland, OR $0.15
Charlotte, NC $0.15 Raleigh, NC $0.15
Cincinnati, OH $0.15 Richmond, VA $0.15
Columbia, MO $0.20 Salt Lake City, UT $0.15
Columbus, OH $0.15 San Antonio, TX $0.15
Dallas, TX $0.15 San Diego, CA $0.15
Denver, CO $0.15 San Jose, CA $0.15
Detroit, MI $0.15 Scottsdale, AZ $0.15
Fresno, CA $0.15 Stillwater, OK $0.20
Greensboro, NC $0.15 St Louis, MO $0.15
Kansas City, MO $0.15 St Paul, MN $0.15
Louisville, KY $0.15 Tempe, AZ $0.15
Long Beach, CA $0.15 Tuscaloosa, AL $0.20
Los Angeles, CA $0.15 Washington, DC $0.15

1. Is Bird Cheaper Than Lime?

The cost of a Lime scooter and a Bird scooter is comparable in most places.

Both services average at around 15 cents per minute. But over the past few years, Bird scooter prices have increased in larger cities.

This is probably the only difference you’ll notice, and it might not even exist where you live. However, over time, it can add up quickly, so keep that in mind.


How much time is $5 on a Bird scooter?

In addition to Community Pricing, in several cities we also offer Bird Access, an option for low-income riders only that offers three or five 30-minute rides per day for only $5 a month (depending on your city) who are enrolled or eligible for a government assistance program.

How much is the Bird scooter in Indianapolis?

To ride a Bird scooter in Indianapolis, it costs $1 plus 29 cents per minute used. A Bird spokesperson said the price ranges from 10 cents to 33 cents per minute, depending on the city. Bird raised its rates in March after initially charging 15 cents per minute.

How do Bird scooters charge?

To charge a vehicle, you’ll need a Bird supplied Power Cord (Pictured below #1) and a Bird supplied Power Supply (Pictured below #2). Depending on the model of the vehicle, the charging port is either located at the front of the footboard on the left side or on near the bottom of the neck.

How much do scooters cost in Nashville?

Scooter companies include Bird, Lyft and Lime, which can both be activated using a credit card and photo ID. Typically these scooters cost $1 to unlock and 30 cents per minute riding. You can find available scooters near you using the app, and you can leave them in any safe location when you’re finished.