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Meet House of Marleys Little Bird True Wireless Earbuds. Crafted from bamboo and recycled plastics, these eco-friendly earbuds offer 6 hours of playtime, and up to 24 hours of listening with 3 additional charges. Intuitive touch controls make music management swift and simple, and the built-in microphone ensures clear calls. Enhance your audio experience with movie and gaming modes and enjoy quick charging via USB-C. The Little Bird Earbuds bring conscious craftsmanship and superior sound together with a natural aesthetic that speaks for itself.

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Through this incredible voyage of self-discovery and connection, Bezhig Little Bird starts to reunite her broken past and locate her missing family. The captivating feature-length documentary Coming Home, directed by Erica Daniels, takes audiences behind the scenes of the highly anticipated drama series Little Bird and the ground-breaking movement for Indigenous narrative sovereignty, as seen through the perspectives of the show’s Indigenous creatives, crew, and advisors from the 1960s Scoop.

Producers: Jennifer Podemski, Tanya Brunel, Jessica Dunn, Claire MacKinnon, Philippe Chabot, Tanya Brune, Daniel Morin, Michelle Van Beusekom; Executive Producers: Jennifer Podemski, Hannah Moscovitch, Ernest Webb, Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick; Production Company: Rezolution Pictures; Production Year: 2023; Copyright Year: 2023; Rating: TV-14; Actors: Darla Contois, Ellyn Jade, Eric Schweig, Wanbdi Wakita, Harold Blacksmith, Chief Gordon Bluesky; Writers: Hannah Moscovitch, Shannon Masters, Zoe Hopkins, Darrell Dennis, Erica Daniels, Kim Wheeler; Count: 2; Length: 360 minutes; Subtitled: Y; Languages: English (SDH); Aspect Ratio: 16×9 Widescreen; Content Warning: The following program contains content which may Viewer discretion is advised. Item can only be shipped to US destinations.

Five-year-old Bezhig Little Bird was taken from Long Pine Reserve and given a Jewish adoptive family in Montreal in 1968. She was given the new name Esther Rosenblum. After eighteen years, she sets out on a quest to discover her past. Through this incredible voyage of self-discovery and connection, Bezhig Little Bird starts to locate her missing family and piece her broken past back together.

Please get in touch with us right away to initiate a return request, and we will provide you with an RMA Number to put on your label and send back with your item.

With quick charge technology, you can get an extra two hours of use after just 15 minutes of charging, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy charging times. Furthermore, the USB-C compatibility guarantees that you can use any USB-C charger or accessory to charge your earbuds, which increases the portability and usefulness of this robust, portable device.

The Little Bird Earbuds give you control over your audio, whether you’re changing the volume, playing, pausing, or moving on to the next song thanks to their simple touch controls. Every time you adjust the sound, you’ll hear a little alert that shows your changes—something we really love.

The integrated microphone ensures smooth communication and crystal-clear audio during calls and meetings, making hands-free calling convenient for both work and play. Whether playing games or watching movies, there’s a special mode that will let you immerse yourself in your entertainment like never before.

The Little Bird True Wireless Earbuds perform, sound, and appear well. Take charge of your listening experience and demonstrate your dedication to both excellent sound and a more environmentally friendly world. With Marleys Little Bird Earbuds, you can now embrace the wonders of nature and the power of cutting-edge technology. You’ll be happy you did.


How much is Little Bird worth in jailbreak?

The Little Bird is an aerial vehicle in Jailbreak. Added in the Cargo Ship Update, this compact helicopter features four seats, a rope, and a detailed interior, the first of its kind. It is on the helipad on top of the Prison and Rising City Bank, costing 190,000 to purchase.

Is Little Bird good jailbreak?

Despite being slower than most other vehicles, the vehicle can reach destinations faster as it can fly, giving it an advantage over several faster and more expensive land vehicles. Overall, the Little Bird is a great vehicle to buy, being very useful for robbing the Cargo Ship, and being a good daily-driver.

What is the civilian version of the Little Bird?

“The Little Bird” Helicopter It’s part of an American family of light utility civilian and military helicopters based on the Hughes 500, a civilian version of the U.S. Army’s OH-6A Cayuse/Loach. Known for flying at high speeds while maintaining the ability to perform maneuvers, the MD-500D can land virtually anywhere.

How far can a Little Bird helicopter fly?

The Little Bird was originally designed as a scout helicopter for Army armored units, but since the early 1980s it has been used almost exclusively by the special operations community. It has an unrefueled range of 250 nautical miles.