how much does a quail bird cost

Box includes 25 Quail. Quail are available year round, and they can be picked up here on the farm or shipped to you.

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Considering that each bird is thought to consume about 30 grams daily Every bird consumes about 25 pounds of feed annually. I just cringed at the mixing of unit systems. Sorry.

A year’s worth of feed for 7 hens and 2 roosters would come out to 9 * 25 lbs * 1 bag/50 lbs * $23. 49/bag = $105. 71 + tax. Let’s call it $115.

To be honest, after three weeks of keeping quail, I was kicking myself for having brought them home and thinking that I would be done with quail once this flock died off, or even sooner if I could sell them. They weren’t lying, they were disorganized, and I couldn’t clean the grow-out pen I was using. Then Joe constructed a hutch that offers the birds a lot more space and is simple to access and clean out. I’ve added some habitat enhancements to the hutch, like vintage windows to reduce drafts, timed lights to extend their daylight hours, and pulled up deck chairs so we can sit and watch them comfortably. It even has a storage shelf! Now the quail are finally laying eggs. Just today we collected a half-dozen.

The $150 incubator would pay for itself after four years of use (no, I haven’t considered hatching males and females and what to do with the extras). That time would be almost halved if we doubled our flock and made better use of the space we have.

So, assuming a 50/50 hatch ratio, here is my optimistic but hopefully fair analysis of purchasing that incubator, hatching out 36 quail, and keeping 22 quail for two years:

There are options for bulk delivery, shipping, and pick-up. Please visit our contact us page for more info.

Box includes 25 Quail. All year long, quail are available for pickup from the farm or can be shipped to your address.

Please give us a call or send us an email if you need a custom order size, and we will put together an order for you.

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What is the price of quail bird?

Live quail bird 50₹ pre piece & quail meat 700₹ per kg..

Is raising quail worth it?

A quail in its first year will lay almost every day. And you won’t have to wait long. Unlike chickens, which take about 5 months to start laying, quail only take 6 weeks. Sure, it takes 5 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg, but if you want fresh eggs and can’t have chickens, quail eggs are a great alternative.

Is A quail a good pet?

Being one of the most docile and straight-forward pets, raising quail can easily become an addictive hobby, especially with many beneficial assets and characteristics. They’re friendly, inexpensive, gentle and even lay edible eggs that are considered a delicacy in many countries.

Is keeping 2 quail OK?

HOUSING QUAIL Being predominantly ground dwelling, quail need plenty of space to run around so care should be taken not to overpopulate an aviary. In general, an aviary of 2 metres long and about 1.5 metres wide should cater for one pair of quail.