how much does a macaw bird cost

Let me guess, you just went over to a friend’s house or local pet store and were mesmerized by the majestic creatures known as parrots…

You were taken aback by the colorful plumage, the crushing beak strength, and maybe even the impressive vocal ability.

After witnessing your friend’s relationship with their bird, you got excited by the prospect of having a bird of your very own, right?

Well, before you run off to adopt a bird to start your very own flock, let’s take a step back and explore what exactly you are getting yourself into.

In addition to the time commitment (properly raising a parrot is akin to taking care of a toddler), you need to be aware of the financial commitment involved in this endeavor as well.

There are crucial initial/upfront costs to consider, as well as ongoing costs that you need to budget for each month and each year of parrot ownership.

Macaw Parrots For Sale Online.

Macaws are a force to be reckoned with. Their voices, their attitudes, everything about them is huge. Even the tiny macaws are large inside! They are bright and boisterous and draw attention to themselves even in quiet situations. Those who live with these amazing friends are aware that, despite their intimidating appearance and tendency to bluster and carry on, macaws actually have surprisingly sensitive and loving hearts.

Macaw parrots are often quite gregarious and enjoy chewable toys, particularly those composed of wood. Adequate toys and other safe objects to destroy are essential for a macaw pet. The monthly pet budget should account for the cost of a consistent supply of toys. Since macaws are intelligent birds, they also do well in challenging activities like foraging. Foraging involves searching for food or time spent enjoying food.

Leaning forward and lunging toward people, a macaw might find it amusing to spook them. This is more done for the effect it causes than as an aggressive gesture.

A macaw that has been properly socialized and interacting with people can generally be a gentle pet. The bare facial patch of macaws belonging to the Ara genus, including green-winged, scarlet, and blue-and-gold macaws, becomes flushed when the bird becomes excessively excited.

Large macaws have large vocalizations as well; their screeches and squawks can be very loud and piercing to the ears. A prospective macaw owner should be aware of the large sound that these birds make, particularly if they live in an apartment complex or have close neighbors.

Macaws are capable of being trained to talk, and they may also have a tendency to whistle or mimic sounds both inside and outside the house.

How Much is a Parrot? Initial Costs of Pet Bird Ownership

Certain parrot species have a variety of options available to get started, just like any other prized pet.

The cost you eventually pay to bring your new feathered friend home can vary significantly based on the species and color mutation of your bird as well as its origin. For example, the difference between Cockatoos and Cockatiels is unbelievable.

There are numerous accessible common sources, such as pet stores, breeders, and rescue organizations. We’ll cover each source in-depth in a separate adoption guide.

Although we always urge adopting from a nearby rescue center, the costs listed below represent the current market range in the S. dollars from different pet retailers and breeders because it’s easy to compare their prices online and they’re readily available.

Prices are based on the more common/typical species that are available, however where appropriate, rare color mutations are also included.

Having said that, let’s look at the costs associated with actually purchasing your bird before discussing other factors and recurring expenses you should budget for with each new flock member.

Hawk Headed (Red-Fan) Parrot Price: $2,000-$4,000

This parrot is a rare find that can fan out its head feathers in an intricate red fan. Be sure to provide it enough room for its hairdo!.


Why are macaws so expensive?

Because of their popularity as pets, rare species, and the initial purchase price, macaws are quite expensive. Some running expenses include price and other maintenance costs for feed, care, and mental stimulation. The price of an average macaw is $1000- $18000.

Are macaws expensive to take care of?

The initial purchase price of a macaw can range dramatically from $1,500 to $25,000, depending on the species, with rarer breeds commanding higher prices. However, the investment doesn’t stop there. Annual expenses for food, toys, and veterinary care can add hundreds to thousands of dollars to the cost of ownership.

Is it legal to own a macaw in the United States?

The sale of domestically raised macaws is legal however imported, wild-caught parrots are not. Of the eighteen species of macaws, all are considered threatened except the scarlet macaw who is now considered an endangered species.

How long does a macaw live?

The largest of the parrots, wild macaws live on average approximately 60 years, depending on species, while their captive counterparts generally live 35 to 50 years. The oldest pet macaw was reported to have lived 112 years.