how much does a love bird cost

We appreciate you allowing us to assist you in getting your aviary a new feather buddy. Just a few things to let you know about. We only ship out healthy birds because we are extremely proud of the condition and care of our birds. Before each bird is ready to set out on its journey, we inspect it. Since it takes 24 to 48 hours for them to get from our local USPS office to yours, we only ship Monday through Wednesday and keep an eye on the weather in both locations because we want them to get to their new homes safely. We find that this is less stressful for them when you can go pick it up after your local USPS office notifies you when it arrives. Make sure there is plenty of water available when they get there so they can refuel after their journey. We must be notified within 48 hours of the arrival of your new feathered friend if for some reason it does not arrive safely. In the event of an emergency, we will require images of the ill or deceased After 48 hours, your new feathered friend is no longer in our care, so we cannot be held accountable if anything happens to them. For this reason, it’s critical that you notify us of any problems as soon as they arise. Please email us at nybssales@nybird. com or call 1-800-772-2473 with these concerns.

Characteristics of Males and Females

Although hens, or females, are larger than males, the latter are smaller and have larger heads. Additionally, females perch with their legs spread wider apart, making them easier to recognize. Lovebirds tend to regurgitate food for their partners when they are male.


When lovebirds reach ten months of age, they can begin to breed. After mating, the hen lays three to six eggs, which must be incubated for twenty-two to twenty-five days.

List of Different Types of Lovebirds

  • Lutino Lovebird
  • Dutch Blue Lovebird
  • Green-pied Lovebird
  • Orangeface Lovebird
  • Blue-pied Lovebird
  • Seagreen Lovebird
  • Green Violet Lovebird
  • American Cinnamon Lovebird
  • Slate Peach-faced Lovebird
  • Pied Violet Lovebird
  • Blue-masked Lovebird


Is A Love bird a good pet?

They are very social and form deep bonds with their owners and are sometimes very cuddly birds, but their intense personalities can also make them prone to nipping and territorial aggressiveness and jealousy. Hand-raised babies make the best pets.

How long do pet lovebirds live?

The lovebird is a small stocky parrot between 5.1-6.7 inches (13-17 cm). They have a large bill and a tail that is either round or square. Their average life span is between 10-12 years with some living even longer. The oldest recorded lovebird lived 17 years.

Are love birds cheap?

Lovebird Populations In The Wild Although the price varies, they usually cost less than parrot species that are large or those that are rare. A random internet search showed prices ranging from $45 to $200.

What is the best age to buy a lovebird?

I have found the best time to purchase handfed lovebirds is before they are weaned, between four and six weeks of age, the earlier the better. Lovebirds wean about seven weeks of age. I find them so easy to wean that they often begin to wean before you are ready to stop mothering them!