how much does a bird check up cost

Diet & Nutrition

Typically, diet is the first thing new bird owners need to learn. This is due to the fact that malnutrition remains the primary cause of between 85% and 90% of the medical issues that avian veterinarians see in companion birds. STILL. It’s amazing that most people still feed seed, grapes, and occasionally a piece of apple after all this time. (However, given current data regarding obesity and diabetes in the US, that isn’t shocking at all. Many Americans feed their children and themselves mostly junk food. Following their explanation of the value of a healthy diet, the avian veterinarians must then instruct the new bird owner on how to get their little seed addict to eat healthier foods like vegetables, or even better, how to switch to a formulated diet known as pelleted diet.

Teaching & Time

If the only things the avian veterinarians had to do was perform a physical examination on the patient and a few tests, then the duration of their office visits would be far more reasonable. So why does an avian exam take so long? But in terms of knowledge, a lot of recently acquired bird owners know very little or nothing about their new purchase. A New Bird Check-up is therefore time-consuming because education is a process that cannot be hurried.

And the Vet Hasn’t Even Touched the Bird, Yet…

The regrettable reality that the typical bird owner only seeks veterinary assistance when (s)he recognizes there is a problem is completely ignored by everything I have said thus far. And when ignorant bird owners do eventually realize there is a problem, it indicates the bird is seriously troubled — just like that poor budgie I described at the beginning of this piece. Hence, in addition to explaining that birds can conceal illness symptoms, that a bird just because it appears well doesn’t necessarily mean it is, etc., avian veterinarians etc. Even with a beautiful appearance, a thorough physical examination cannot reveal all the details about a bird’s health. To rule out the possibility of latent or asymptomatic disease, which is something that routine small animal veterinarians rarely have to worry about, diagnostic testing must be performed. After all, when a dog is sick, it LOOKS sick.


Is it worth taking bird to vet?

Regular veterinary care is necessary in order to ensure your bird lives a long, healthy life. Since pet birds are a prey species, it is common for them to hide symptoms of illness and therefore critical for them to have a thorough health exam to make sure they are truly healthy.

Do birds need vet check ups?

In addition, all birds should receive annual veterinary examinations. Your veterinarian may have important reasons to see your bird on a different schedule, so discuss your specific plan with them. A veterinarian’s most important job is to help ensure your pet stays healthy and does not get sick.

How much is a bird blood test?

Alanine aminotransferase
Clinical Pathology
Avian Histopathology only
Avian Pathology
Avian Influenza ACIA (antigen Type A)
Avian Pathology
Avian Influenza H5 strain typing qRT-PCR
Molecular Diagnostics
Avian Influenza H7 strain typing qRT-PCR
Molecular Diagnostics

Can a regular vet treat a bird?

A regular veterinarian is going to be more practiced in caring for dogs and cats. Whereas an avian veterinarian is going to specialize in birds. Some avian vets may also work with dogs and cats. But birds are going to be their specialty.