how many people watched bird box

“I’m fairly sure Bird Box is a phenomenon of some sort, but without verifiable data or comparative data for context, a Netflix-affiliated Twitter feed coming down from on-high with suspiciously specific (and yet entirely vague) data is the epitome of nonsense,” Daniel Feinberg, a critic at The Hollywood Reporter, tweeted.

Netflix announced on December 28 that more than 45 million accounts watched its Netflix original horror movie, Bird Box, in seven days, making it a record breaking debut for the streaming service — but considering Netflix rarely specifies what its data means, it was difficult to gauge what that number meant.

There are a lot of variables in Netflix’s statement. 45 million accounts doesn’t exactly translate to specific viewer counts, as an account could serve one person or an entire family. It’s also unclear from Netflix’s tweet how many people watched all of Bird Box (starring A-list actors like Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich) or even half of the movie, before switching to something else. Netflix famously doesn’t make its viewership numbers public, making it difficult to determine an accurate viewership number. This is different from Hollywood studios with theatrical releases, whose box office numbers are certified by authoritative box office tracking firms.

According to this reasoning, at least 45 million people have viewed at least 70% of Bird Box. Given that Bird Box was released internationally and that viewers may have watched it with friends or family, it’s likely that the overall view count is even higher than 45 million. To put that in perspective, as of October, Netflix had just over 137 million subscribers worldwide. According to the company’s third quarter earnings report, 58 million of those subscribers are located in the United States, and there are an additional 79 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix declined to comment on the geographic location of the majority of Bird Box viewers.

Though some of that information is starting to surface The Verge is informed by a Netflix representative that Bird Box is only recorded as watched “once a view surpasses 70 percent of the total running time (including credits)” for an account. Additionally, the representative stated that “each ‘account’ may include multiple views and viewers but is only counted once.”

When Bird Box, Netflix’s first feature film, debuted in December of last year, it was the talk of social media. It also gave rise to the risky practice of people going outside while blindfolded, known as the “Bird Box Challenge,” which is executed by Sandra Bullock, who plays the lead in the suspenseful movie.

More big names are in the works, such as George Clooney, who will both star and direct the Netflix movie adaptation of Lily Brooks-Daltons novel Good Morning, Midnight, which began filming in October. Ryan Murphy is also directing several television shows, including Hollywood, which stars Darren Criss, and Ratched, which stars Sarah Paulson and is scheduled for release in 2020.

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Netflix only began disclosing viewership stats for programming in January, and its worth noting that the streaming giant doesnt follow the Nielsen or box office metrics typically followed by broadcasters and movie studios. The figures also may not be a full representation of the companys actual most-watched titles as it does not include licensed content. “We select a few titles to highlight each quarter, but they are not meant to be a comprehensive list of top performers,” a Netflix rep confirmed to New York Times Thursday. Related Stories

Other titles that were listed in the top 10 were: Otherhood with 29 million views; The Highwaymen and Secret Obsession tied at 40 million views; Triple Frontier with 52 million views; The Perfect Date with 48 million views; Tall Girl with an average of 41 million views; and the Frye Festival documentary, The Greatest Party that Never Happened, with about 20 million views.


How many views did Bird Box get?

More Than 80 Million Netflix Viewers Watched ‘Bird Box.

How much did Bird Box make?

How much money did Bird Box make? In July 2020, Netflix revealed that the movie In fact Been watched By 89 Million households Over the first week of release. It would have Grossed about $98 million world wild.

Is Bird Box 2 a thing?

The sequel, aptly titled Bird Box: Barcelona, dropped on Netflix last week, acting both as a spinoff and a continuation of the post-apocalyptic story. The series, based on Josh Malerman’s 2014 book of the same name, does have an official sequel novel, titled Malorie.

Is Bird Box worth the watch?

It’s decently done. Worth watching for sure. I think it could’ve been better, and given the money spent to produce the thing… they should’ve just went ahead and made a series. The character building is weak because it’s a movie; a series would allow them to properly develop the characters.