how many in a brace of birds

Any sportsman will tell you that two dogs find more birds than one dog. ~ Er M. Shelley, Bird Dog Training Today and Tomorrow, 1921

It seems that hunters and field trialers have commonly had two dogs on the ground at the same time for a long, long time. And for good reasons. Not only is the whole thing more productive but it truly is the epitome in working pointing dogs. Finding a bird dog on point while another backs is a beautiful sight.

Even though the noun “brace” has many meanings—from clamp and support beam, to things medical, mathematical, musical and nautical—for us, the key definition is “a pair of like things.” Hunting two or more bird dogs together is a brace.

Whether handled by the same or a different person, there are several considerations when bracing dogs. Chief among them is that not just any two dogs will make a good brace.

Good brace mates. • The dogs should hunt independently yet be cognizant of what the other is doing so both can get in on any bird work. • It’s perfect if one dog ranges wider and one is closer so more ground is covered more thoroughly. • Easy handling dogs are best. At a minimum, one should be an experienced, almost automatic dog. • The dogs must back their brace mates on point.

Bad brace mates. • Competitive dogs are difficult in a brace. Some dogs are even more competitive to a specific dog. • Two young males braced together can become quite a kerfuffle. • Some dogs pay more attention to the other dog than to their task. • When the same dogs are hunted together frequently, one might depend on the other to find birds and is content to back.

Another consideration. Two dogs will not only cover more ground but they’ll usually do it at a faster pace than if run singly. They might tire more quickly—which then might require more dogs to hunt the same amount of time.

“Alexa!” the butcher shouts. I take my phone out of my pocket and begin typing “Brace pheasant male,” but I pause and consider that this isn’t your fight.

“Is there a male and a female pheasant in a brace?” I ask. My spouse briefly looks up into the space that separates us.

The man points to the two identical, plucked, and clothed pheasants behind the glass and asks, “Can you even tell when they’re like this?” Good point, I say to myself, nodding at the floor.

“Is it, though?” I say. She leans across the table and looks at the chicken inside the bag that is seated in front of me.

After deciding on pheasant, the couple is unsure if they require one or two. I think it’s great that they go to the butcher together rather than just one of them, without any kind of plan, guidance, or thought.

When bracing dogs, there are a few things to take into account, whether they are handled by the same person or not. The most important one is that not any two dogs will work well together as a brace.

It appears that for a very long time, field trialers and hunters have frequently had two dogs on the ground simultaneously. And for good reasons. It is the pinnacle of working pointing dog training, not to mention more productive overall. It’s a lovely sight to see a bird dog on point while another backs

While the term “brace” can refer to a variety of objects, including clamps, support beams, medical, mathematical, musical, and nautical items, for us, the essential meaning is “a pair of like things.” Hunting with multiple bird dogs at once is called a brace.

Bad brace mates. • Competitive dogs are difficult in a brace. Some dogs are even more competitive to a specific dog. • A brawl can break out between two young men who are braced together. • Some dogs focus more on the other dog than they do on their assignment. • If two dogs hunt together regularly, one may rely on the other to locate birds and be happy to back

Good brace mates. • To participate in any bird work, the dogs should hunt separately while keeping an eye on each other. • More ground is covered more thoroughly if one dog covers a wider range and another stays closer. • Easy handling dogs are best. One should, at the very least, be a skilled, nearly automatic dog • The dogs must back their brace mates on point.


Why are 2 goals called a brace?

The term “brace” dates back to Old English, signifying a pair of something that was hunted or shot down as a brace. It also goes further back in history to the Anglo-French language, where brace meant “pair of arms.” The term brace in soccer dates back to the 19th century with the phrase “brace of goals.”

How many is in a brace?

To score a ‘brace’ means that you have scored two goals in a game. It precedes a hat-trick, where a single player scores three goals during a game. If Lionel Messi, for example, were to score two goals against Real Madrid, he has scored a brace.

How many things are in a brace?

More commonly today the word is used to indicate anything that hold or binds things together, or the act of holding or binding things together or in place.

Is a brace a pair?

or plural brace : two of a kind : pair. several brace of quail. 4. : something (such as a clasp) that connects or fastens.