how many football teams are named after birds

Birds make excellent symbols! They have eye-catching colors, the incredible power of flight, and birds like raptors can represent strength and fierce determination.

It’s no wonder there are five NFL bird teams! See this article to learn why each bird was chosen to represent these professional football teams.

See this article to find out why each bird was selected to represent these professional football teams. It makes sense that there are five NFL bird teams!

In 1996, this team also chose a mascot named “Swoop”. Adult Bald Eagle Swoop sports an Eagles jersey with the number “0 0” on it. According to legend, Swoop was a frail eagle with poor vision at birth, but he had a big, giving heart. He grew to human size after receiving an Eagles team jersey as a gift, and his strength and vision also expanded to match the size of his heart.

The Seattle Seahawks’ memorable moniker came about as a result of a June 17, 1975, naming contest. Over 20,000 suggestions were mailed in, with names like “Lumberjacks,” “Pioneers,” and “Skippers” among them. However, because they adopted a common name for ospreys, birds ended up becoming more popular.

Birds are great symbols because of their vivid colors, amazing flying ability, and ability to symbolize strength and fierce determination, especially in the case of raptors.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, and Seattle Seahawks are the teams in the league that have avian mascots. Let’s look at the unique qualities that some birds have that make them the mascots of NFL teams.

One of the most significant sources of entertainment is mascots, which entice fans with their ridiculous antics and bizarre behaviors, whether they are made up or real. Animals and birds are frequently featured in traditional team names because they have qualities that people wish to emulate, like an eagle’s acute vision. Expand Tweet.

Because the concept of mascots representing colleges and athletic teams—including NFL teams—is so popular, they have grown to be an essential part of the identities of teams all over the country.

Using mascots has become commonplace for NFL teams. The animal names given to the teams function as logos and symbols.


How many NFL teams have birds?

So for Bird Teams we have the Eagles, Falcons, Seahawks, Ravens and Cardinals, while for Cat Teams, we have the Bengals, Panthers, Jaguars and Lions.

How many football teams are named after animals?

Each of the 32 teams is in one conference – either the AFC (American Football Conference) or the NFC (National Football Conference). 15 NFL teams are named after types of animals and 15 are named after types of people. Of the teams named after animals, 8 are in the AFC.

Which NFL cities team is named after a bird?

The teams in the league with bird mascots are the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks.

Why are so many football teams named after birds?

Animals and birds are traditional team names, as many creatures have specific qualities the team (tribe, fraternity, club) want to emulate, such as the eagle’s sharp sight, ala Philadelphia Eagles.