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For 45 years, Caroll Spinney has performed in the looming shadow of one of Sesame Streets most famous residents, the 8-foot-3 Big Bird.

Spinney, who also brings Oscar the Grouch to life on the iconic childrens program, steps out of the yellow avian suit for the documentary I Am Big Bird (opening Tuesday via video on demand, Wednesday in New York and May 15 in select cities). In telling his story, Spinney, 81, reveals some amazing facts about the flightless bird named a living legend by the Library of Congress in 2000.

He gets a hand in the height department: Much of Big Birds immense height comes because the costume head is held in place by Spinneys lifted right hand, which also controls the eye and eyebrow expressions. Keeping the four-and-a-half-pound head upright is tiring.

“It doesnt sound like a lot until you try to hold it up over your head and perform with it for 10 minutes or more,” says Spinney.

Spinneys own head is in the birds neck, seeing the outside world on an internal monitor. He reads scripted lines with a small light, because natural light cannot make it through the costume of 6,000 yellow feathers.

Big Bird started off goofy: When stepped into the new characters suit in 1969, the bird was a “goofy” simpleton, Spinney says. Over episodes, the bird transformed into an innocent child personality, a change he believes was crucial in the characters longevity.

“If he was still goofy, I dont think hed be on the show. I dont see that hed have any purpose to be there,” says Spinney. “When he became a child, he was a kid who was embodying the stories and feelings of Sesame Street.”

Big Bird was supposed to be aboard the doomed Challenger: NASA officials envisioned bringing Big Bird onboard the Space Shuttle Challenger to drum up youth interest in the mission. But the concept was scrapped because the costume was too big to fit into the spacecraft.

Spinney watched the 1986 liftoff from the Sesame Street set. An explosion seconds into flight killed all seven crew members.

“When I saw that happen, I thought, I was supposed to be on that ship, ” says Spinney. “And the horror of knowing that these people died. It was terrible.”

Mitt Romney gave Big Birds popularity a huge boost: The Republican presidential candidate invoked Big Birds name when decrying PBS funding during a 2012 debate with Barack Obama. The move backfired on Romney as support galvanized around PBS and the bird. It even led to a first-time appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Theres no Elmo competition: A new generation of Sesame Street fans have gravitated toward falsetto-voiced Elmo. But theres no Muppet jealousy on the set.

“I am happy to share,” says Spinney, who has no plans for retiring, especially with his beloved character getting more screen time. “Big Bird is even having something of a resurgence on the show.”

Caroll Spinney has been performing under the intimidating shadow of Big Bird, the eight-foot-three resident of Sesame Street, for forty-five years.

For the acclaimed children’s show, Spinney also plays Oscar the Grouch. In I Am Big Bird, a documentary, he sheds his yellow bird costume (opening Tuesday via video on demand, Wednesday in New York and May 15 in select cities) In narrating his tale, Spinney, 81, provides some astounding details about the bird that cannot fly, which the Library of Congress designated as a living legend in 2000.

“I doubt he would have been on the show if he was still goofy.” “I don’t think he would have a reason to be there,” Spinney remarks. “As a child, he was a child who was emulating the sentiments and stories of Sesame Street.” “.

He gets a hand in height: Spinney’s raised right hand, which also controls the eye and eyebrow expressions, holds the costume head in place, contributing significantly to Big Bird’s enormous height. Keeping the four-and-a-half-pound head upright is tiring.

“I am delighted to contribute,” states Spinney, who has no intention of retiring, particularly since his adored character is receiving more screen time. Even Big Bird is making a slight comeback on the show. “.

Big Bird portrayal calls for a special set of abilities, which puppeteer Caroll Spinney possesses. It combines voice acting, puppeteering, and dressing like a character. The puppeteer first puts on the legs and feet, which are basically just a pair of pants. An assistant gently lowers the entire top half of Big Bird onto the puppeteer. The puppeteer then manipulates Big Bird’s mouth and head with his right hand. Big Bird’s left wing is controlled by his left hand, and his right wing is maneuvered by a length of fishing line looped under his chin. Although Spinney, who was 81 years old at the time, stopped physically portraying Big Bird in 2015, she continued to voice the character until the end of 2018. Matt Vogel, his longtime trainee, then assumed the extremely unique role of Big Bird.

Big Bird is an 8′ 2″ yellow bird that is six and a half years old. There are many answers, but what kind of big bird is Big Bird exactly? Among other appearances, in 1976 at Hollywood Squares, Big Bird described himself as a lark. When he visited Mr. In 1981, he claimed to be a golden condor in Rogers’ Neighborhood. He occasionally claims to be a canary and goes by Bigus canarius for scientific purposes.

Big Bird’s beginnings were very different from how we know and love him today. He was portrayed as a bird-brained four-year-old who was slow to understand the world around him in the 1969 Sesame Street pilot episodes. Over time, Big Bird’s creator Carroll Spinney, along with the show’s writers and producers, decided to make Big Bird a six-and-a-half-year-old with a youthful curiosity and innocence, acting as a surrogate for the audience.

Big Bird was brought up by his aunt Nani Bird and grandmother Granny Bird. When he was old enough, he went it alone and established a nest next to the well-known stoop at 123 ½ Sesame Street. Big Bird enjoys hanging out with his closest buddy, Snuffleupagus, and shares his nest with his cherished teddy bear, Radar.

The Big Bird puppet is, of course, covered in feathers. Those feathers are from real life turkey feathers. After being carefully glued onto the suit, each feather is dyed yellow. About 6,000 are in use at any given time. Every visitor to Caroll Spinney’s memorial took home a yellow feather as a memento of his life.


What are the feathers on Big Bird?

The Big Bird puppet is, of course, covered in feathers. Those feathers are from real life turkey feathers. Each feather is dyed yellow and carefully glued onto the suit. About 6,000 are in use at any given time.

Is Big Bird male or female?

Big Bird
Grandsonny, by Granny Bird Bird, by his best friend, Snuffy Turkey, feather face, and others, by Oscar the Grouch
Muppet bird
Granny Bird (grandmother) Eight foreign cousins

Does Big Bird have wings?

The Muppeteer’s left hand serves as the Bird’s left wing, while the right wing is stuffed and hangs loosely from a fishing line that runs through a loop under the neck and attaches to the wrist of the left hand.

Is Big Bird a Kaiju?

Sure, it is more commonly associated with them thanks to the likes of Godzilla, King Kong and Gamera but that’s not what it actually means. Kaiju essentially just means “Strange Creature”. So as weird as it sounds, Big Bird can, by definition, be called a Kaiju of sorts.