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Erkenci Kus is a Turkish rom-com TV drama that showcased the life of Sanem and her aspirations to become a writer. See number of Erkenci Kus episodes

About this TV show

  • Status finished/canceled
  • Years 2018 — 2019
  • Channel StarTV
  • Genres comedy, drama, melodrama
  • Tags love
  • Original language turkish
  • Running time 120 m / 102 h
  • Other titles: Ранняя пташка ru, Erkenci Kus romanization, Erkenci Kuş tr.

Turkish romantic comedy TV drama Erkenci Kus portrayed Sanem’s life and her goals of becoming a writer. See number of Erkenci Kus episodes.

Turkish romantic comedy TV series Erkenci Kus ran from 2018 to 2019. The Turkish series gained enormous popularity not only in Turkey but also in several other nations, where viewers watched the serial with subtitles in various languages. The program is also referred to as Daydreamer or Early Bird. In fact, the program won a 45th Golden Butterfly Award for Best Romantic Comedy Series. The program has also aired in Israel, Lithuania, Spain, Croatia, Albania, Iraq, Ukraine, and Kosovo. On August 6, 2019, the final episode of Season 1 with leads Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman aired. Read on to know more details about Erkenci Kus episodes.

Originally, Erkenci Kus aired every Tuesday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. On Star TV, the program debuted on June 26, 2018, and ran until August 6, 2019. Full episodes of the television series Erkenci Kus are available on unaffiliated websites. Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, and Özlem Tokaslan comprise the main cast, while Cihan Ercan, Öznur Serçeler, Birand Tunca, and Berat Yenilmez play crucial roles.

There are 51 episodes in the first season of Erkenci Kus. Regarding Erkenci Kus seasons, fans have been asking questions, but as of right now, there is only one season, which concluded in August 2019. The TV show’s creators have not disclosed whether or not it will be renewed for a second season. IMDB rates the TV serial at 7. 3/10.

In the Turkish romantic comedy TV drama Erkenci Kus, a young girl named Sanem and her dreams of becoming a writer are highlighted. But while she finds a new job, she is compelled to select her groom in an arranged marriage setup. At work, she develops feelings for her company’s boss.


Which is the last episode of Erkenci kuş?

Sanem Ayden was a story teller who loved to tell stories about love and romance.

Does Sanem get pregnant?

Summary : Sanem is pregnant, hormonal and self-conscious. That’s a lot ! She was six months pregnant and the least one can say was that it hasn’t been an easy ride. First, she has been sick, vomiting every morning in front of an helplessCan.

Does Sanem find out about Yigit?

Can and Sanem, who learned that Polen and Yigit are brothers, is very astonished. They will meet more frequently because Yigit is moved to the same building and Polen is sister of Yigit. Can and Sanem, who learned that Polen and Yigit are brothers, is very astonished.