how many death birds elden ring

Deathbirds are formidable creatures that only appear at night in Elden Ring. Heres where youll find them and what rewards youll get for victory.

There are a multitude of new features that Elden Ring introduces to the Soulsborne formula, and one of the more interesting of these is the concept of field bosses. To be specific, these arent foes who are locked away inside a boss arena, and are instead fought out in the open world. You can even ride your horse during these fights!

The Deathbird and its tougher variant, the Death Rite Bird, are both examples of area bosses found around the Lands Between. They are big bird enemies with what looks like a dolls head, but its important to note that they can only be fought at night. Deathbirds will definitely put up a fight, so come prepared to do battle — the rewards are definitely worth it.

Updated on February 26, 2024, by Marco Vito Oddo: While Deathbirds and Death Rite Birds are completely optional in Elden Ring, theres plenty of reason to defeat them. First, each field boss you slay drops a unique weapon, talisman, or spell, so you cannot complete your collection without hunting them all. Furthermore, Deathbirds and Death Rite Birds are associated with one of the Outer Gods that want to expand their domain in the Lands Between.

So, collecting all Deathbird-related items will also reward you with item descriptions essential for understanding the games lore.

The closest Deathbird to the starting area of Elden Ring, the one found to the east of the Warmasters Site of Grace in Limgrave gives a good example of whats to come when facing these enemies. Big, creepy birds that are way faster than should be possible, you would think the best decision would be to stay mounted. However, this leaves you vulnerable.

The biggest problem when riding a horse in Elden Ring is that you lose your ability to roll, which makes dodging attacks much more difficult. This is especially true with the speed and ferocity of the Deathbirds attacks. Felling this Deathbird will give you the Blue-Feathered Branchsword talisman. While this talisman is far from Elden Rings best talisman, it can still be quite useful in your first hours.

??3. South Liurnia Deathbird

how many death birds elden ring

You must go to Liurnia of the Lakes and the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in order to find the third Deathbird. After taking a nap to make it nighttime, proceed north until you come across a dilapidated structure that is lit up by tiny white lights. The third Deathbird will fly in to attack your Tarnished once it reaches the building.

As a reward for defeating the bird, you will get the Red-Feathered Branchsword Talisman. “A talisman adorned with red feathers, once used in ancient death rituals,” reads the item’s description. Raises attack power when HP is low. When one is on the verge of death, the heart sings, and those who hold on to life so tightly will meet a glorious end. When you are equipped, your attack power will increase by 2020% when your HP falls below 2020%. This charm is a perfect match for the Blue-Feathered Branch word because both of them activate when your health falls below 2020%

6 Liurnia Of The Lakes

how many death birds elden ring

One of the first places in Elden Ring where the difficulty of some enemies, like the lobsters hiding in the water, starts to increase is Liurnia of the Lakes. You should therefore proceed with caution when facing this Deathbird because any nearby enemies may gatecrash the battle and greatly increase the difficulty for you.

When fighting Deathbirds, one particular attack to be aware of is when it jumps into the air and then flies back to land on you. Keep an eye out for it and try not to panic roll because this can be awkward at times and may take some trying to figure out. This Deathbird is located just north of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace, not too far from where Patches is located during part of his quest. It drops the Red-Feathered Branchsword.

6. Altus Plateau Deathbird

how many death birds elden ring

You have to go through the Altus Plateau before you can encounter the next Deathbird. To accomplish this as soon as possible, gather the two Dectus Medallion halves from Fort Haight (in eastern Limgrave) and Fort Faroth (in eastern Caelid). After gathering the two halves, proceed to the Grand Lift of Dectus and lift the medallion to gain entry to the Altus Plateau.

After reaching the Plateau, you must head northeast in the direction of Lyndell, the Royal Capital, and locate the Hermit Merchants Shack Site of Grace. When you arrive, rest until nighttime. Next, proceed northeast along the castle walls until you come across a region covered in large skulls. The Deathbird will appear here.

When you vanquish this foe, the Twinbird Kite Shield will be yours. According to its description: “Shield featuring a vividly painted twinbird. According to legend, the twinbird is the mother of the Deathbirds and the emissary of an outer god. This shield marginally increases both attack and defense as HP decreases. When you are at the peak of your health, this Medium Shield scales with your strength and gives your tarnished areas a 5% attack and a 10% defense boost. The two talismans you previously retrieved, the Blue and Red-Feathered Branchsword, stack with this effect as well.


Where are the Death Rite Birds in Elden Ring?

Death Rite Birds can be found in: Academy Gate Town [More Info] [Map Link] Caelid [More Info] [Map Link] Mountaintops of the Giants [More Info] [Map Link]

What is the difference between death birds and Death Rite Birds?

Death Birds are considered one of the easier bosses in the game. However, Death Rite Birds are different. They have a different move set, more damage, and can inflict statuses such as Frostbite and Death Blight. As the boss is optional, you can come back to it anytime in the game.

What is the Deathbird weak to Elden Ring?

The bird is weak to strike damage and holy, so consider infusing your armament with holy to try and make the fight go a bit faster.