how many cities are bird scooters in

Ride-share e-scooters are parked on the sidewalks of major cities across the world. And 158 U.S. cities already have ride-share e-scooter systems in place.

But some cities, like New Orleans and Las Vegas, have strict ride-share e-scooter bans. Paris just voted to ban e-scooters. Others, like San Francisco, have made it challenging for e-scooter ride-share companies to operate, which led Bird, one of the largest companies in the industry, to leave the city. In a two-month span last summer, there were more than 12,000 citations for improperly parked scooters — leading to Bird paying $385,000 in fines.

“We operate in around 400 cities and they had the highest fine rate of any city in the world that we operate in. And they were in the top 1% of cities for vehicle theft,” Bird CEO Shane Torchiana said.

Other cities like Washington, D.C., see the e-scooter ride-share option as a valuable addition to their transportation infrastructure. The district even recently increased the number of scooters allowed in the city by year-end — up to 20,000.

“Its a program that has offered a lot of different variety and additional mobility options throughout the district,” said Everett Lott, director of the District Department of Transportation. “It was designed with a commitment to provide equity, sustainability and also definitely make sure we have safety in mind.”

Companies like Bird, Lime and Spin have struggled to achieve profitability, although Lime did announce that it was able to achieve profitability on an unadjusted EBITDA basis in 2022. The companies have also been plagued with controversy and injuries.

Bird went public via a SPAC in November of 2021 and its stock has since plummeted about 98%. Despite this, Torchiana is hopeful about the future, saying the company is working toward profitability.

“I think we will see a lot of progress this year. We just guided to be free cash flow positive for the year in 2023,” he said.

Bird partners with cities across the globe to develop programs that maximize the positive impact of micromobility.

  • Firstly, fewer cars on the road: Nowadays, cars pose one of the largest risks to public safety. Scooters are a convenient alternative to driving that can help reduce pollution and make cities safer for all.
  • Encouraging safe riding and even offering rewards for good behavior are the goals of the Bird app. For instance, it can award riders who park in approved spots with prizes.
  • Customizing our app for your city We strive to provide an app experience that includes localized education, designated no-ride zones, and more in order to assist each city in achieving its particular goals.

“The strong and cooperative partnership between Bird and Kent County Council enabled the delivery of e-scooters to the City of Canterbury, with the mutual goal of lowering reliance on cars to enhance air quality.” Bird puts a lot of effort into developing solutions to deliver a successful e-scooter rental model that puts the environment and the customer at the center of their delivery, building on their years of industry experience. ”.

Ben Bolton Senior Transport Planner, Kent County Council

Our bespoke cars are made to be the strongest, safest micromobility choices available on the market right now. Our shared fleet, created by Bird’s top engineers in the industry, is based on extensive testing and insights gathered from tens of millions of rides on the Bird platform. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

how many cities are bird scooters in

Vehicles made to last

Our highest-performing scooters can now last five years with refurbishment.

how many cities are bird scooters in

1,500 pounds of carbon avoided

Every bird on the road saves approximately 1,500 pounds of carbon emissions annually.

Listening to the community.

The Bird app’s Community Mode makes it simple for anyone to file complaints with our team directly, allowing us to all work together to maintain the safety of our streets and quickly resolve any issues that may come up. All you have to do is tap the yield icon in the Bird app to enter Community Mode.

In order to make micromobility an inexpensive and accessible option for everyone, Bird is pleased to provide a number of reduced-fare options. Notably, we created Bird Community Pricing, the most inclusive discount program in the industry, which gives qualified riders—including low-income residents—up to 50% off. Additionally, riders can use cash to pay and SMS to unlock cars.

Ride-share e-scooters are parked on the sidewalks of major cities across the world. And 158 U.S. cities already have ride-share e-scooter systems in place.

However, some cities have strict bans on ride-sharing e-scooters, such as Las Vegas and New Orleans. Paris just voted to ban e-scooters. Others, like San Francisco, have made it difficult for businesses that provide e-scooter ride-sharing services to operate. As a result, one of the biggest companies in the sector, Bird, decided to leave the city. Over 12,000 scooters were cited for improper parking during a two-month period last summer, and Bird was forced to pay $385,000 in fines.

“I believe that a lot of progress will be made this year.” We have guided to achieve positive free cash flow for the year 2023,” he stated.

Bird went public through a SPAC in November of 2020, and its stock has since fallen by roughly 2098%. Despite this, Torchiana says the business is aiming for profitability and is optimistic about the future.

“It’s a program that has provided a great deal of diversity and extra mobility options across the district,” District Department of Transportation director Everett Lott said. “It was created with the intention of ensuring equity, sustainability, and most importantly, safety.” “.


What city has the most scooters?

In terms of cities, Bangalore (India) has the largest offer, with 22,000 vehicles, followed by Taipei (Taiwan) with 10,650, and Barcelona (Spain) with 8,900.

Why doesn t NYC have Bird scooters?

Since 2017, companies like Bird, Lime, Spin, Scoot, and others have deployed hundreds of thousands of Chinese-made e-scooters in cities across the world — and yet New York City stubbornly remained scooter-free because of the state law barring their use.

Does Florida have Bird scooters?

Bird Global has announced that it has officially launched in South Miami. As an established e-scooter operator in the Greater Miami area, Bird’s expansion underscores its commitment to the South Florida region and its aim to provide sustainable transportation options.

Does Chicago have Bird scooters?

Speed Limit for First-Time Users: Bird Beginner Mode This allows individuals without much experience with shared scooters, such as the millions of tourists who visit Chicago every year, to build confidence and get comfortable as they learn to ride.