how many carbs in bird dog peach whiskey

This crowd favorite, Bird Dog Peach Whiskey, features the unofficial fruit of the South and makes a statement. Rich, fragrant peaches delight your senses in this crowd-pleasing drink, which also has subtle notes of vanilla and oak that blend into the comforting, cozy warmth of rich bourbon. Several of the most prominent spirit competitions in the business, such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, LA International Spirits Competition, and SIP International Tasting, to mention a few, have bestowed numerous awards upon our Flavored Peach Whiskey. Nothing is more Southern than our Southern Peach Tea, the perfect pick-me-up for your front porch that has a little kick. Check out our vast collection of cocktails made with peach whiskey.

Enjoying a glass of this delicious beverage makes you wonder about its nutritional value. After all, knowing the nutritional facts can empower you to make wise choices regarding your general well-being and health. This post will examine Bird Dog Peach Whiskey’s nutritional facts, providing details on its calorie count, carbohydrates, fats, and other important details. So grab a glass and let’s investigate this popular beverage’s nutritional makeup!

For those who enjoy whiskey, Bird Dog Peach Whiskey is a delectable and well-liked option. It has a distinct and energizing flavor profile in addition to some unexpected health advantages. It can be included in a balanced diet due to its low calorie and carbohydrate content. Furthermore, Bird Dog Peach Whiskey has a high antioxidant content that helps shield the body from dangerous free radicals.

Sure, when taken in moderation, Bird Dog Peach Whiskey can be savored as a part of a balanced diet.

You can sip this whiskey neat or mix it into some delectable concoctions like Peach Whiskey Sour or Lemonade.

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How many carbs are in peach whiskey?

Nutrition Facts
How many net carbs are in Flavored Whisky, Peach? Amount of net carbs in Flavored Whisky, Peach: Net carbs 4g
How much protein is in Flavored Whisky, Peach? Amount of protein in Flavored Whisky, Peach: Protein 0g
Vitamins and minerals

Is there sugar in bird dog peach?

Sugar. Each serving of 20 Bird Dog Peach Whiskey contains less than 1 gram of sugar.

How many calories in a shot of bird dog whiskey?

1 serving of bird dog whiskey contains 58 Calories, 0 grams of carbs, 0 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fat.

What kind of whiskey is bird dog peach?

The unofficial fruit of the South makes a statement in our fan-favorite: Bird Dog Peach Whiskey. In this crowd-pleaser, the taste of lush, fragrant peaches salutes your senses while undertones of vanilla and oak roll into the soft familiar warmth of rich bourbon.