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Plot edit

The protagonist, Malorie, tells the story in the first person and alternates between flashbacks and the present day.

There are numerous cases of people abruptly spiraling into homicidal and suicidal madness, according to international news sources. Malorie finds out that the phenomenon has spread to the US after getting pregnant after a one-night stand. It is thought that “something” is the source of the madness, causing people to experience sudden, violent suicidal thoughts simply by gazing at it. The populace hides in their houses and covers the windows as they flee, unable to identify the precise nature of the threat.

Malorie follows a newspaper ad to a safe house with other survivors after her sister Shannon commits suicide by looking out the window by accident. The other survivors include Tom, Jules and his dog Victor, Felix, Don, Cheryl, and Olympia, who is also about four months pregnant. The group locks themselves inside the house and only leaves to get water or take out the trash while wearing blindfolds. According to Tom, George, the original owner of the safe house, believed that the entity could be observed indirectly without causing any harm. To test this theory, he captured video through a window and then viewed it again after being strapped to a chair by his friends. This tactic failed and George killed himself afterward.

Tom advises using dogs as guides when going outside since he thinks they might be resistant to the animal Because Jules doesn’t want to endanger Victor, he and Jules look through neighboring homes for supplies and dogs to train. Since the birds get agitated whenever the creature gets close, they decide to use them as an alarm after finding some in a box. They come upon an odd tent in the middle of the road in front of their house while returning home.

Gary, a man, requests asylum after being kept apart for months. He says he left his previous hiding place because Frank, a recluse who was obsessed with journal writing, thought the threat was just the result of mass hysteria. To prove his point, he even went so far as to uncover the windows and open the doors. Gary befriends Don, frequently discussing Franks ideology. Suspicious, Malorie secretly opens Garys briefcase and finds “Franks” journal. When she tells the other housemates about this, they vote overwhelmingly in favor of Gary’s eviction. Don becomes increasingly withdrawn and moves to the cellar.

The survivors use a phone book to call different numbers and leave messages on different answering machines over the course of the following few months, but they get no response. After going into labor, Olympia and Malorie are brought to the attic to give birth. When Gary discovers that Don has been hiding him in the cellar, he confronts Malorie and admits that Frank and he are the same person. He has no trouble seeing the entity because he was already insane before the cataclysm, and he had been spying on the occupants of the house for a long time before running away. Don takes off the window coverings downstairs, driving the other housemates insane and attempting to murder one another. Gary lets the entity in through the attic door; Malorie, mercifully, shields her eyes, but Olympia sees it and loses her mind. Before committing suicide, Olympia gives Malorie her newborn child.

While waiting for Gary and the creature to depart, Malorie discovers the other housemates’ corpses but discovers Victor still alive in the locked cellar. After receiving the housemate’s message, Malorie receives a call from Rick, a survivor, inviting her to a safe haven and providing her with specific instructions. Rick assures Malorie that he will call her every week and that she is always welcome. Malorie declines his offer because she is grieving the loss of her companions and has to take care of two newborn children.

To ensure the children’s survival, Malorie uses harsh training methods to raise them, sharpening their senses and instilling in them the automatic habit of closing their eyes. She considers names an unnecessary luxury, so the kids are only called “Girl” and “Boy.” Victor goes insane as Malorie finds out that animals are not immune to the entity while searching for supplies.

When the kids turn four, Malorie makes the decision to travel to Rick’s haven. In an attempt to conceal their escape in case Gary is still spying on them, she selects a day that will be especially foggy. The three cross a river, once ignoring a lunatic who tries to get them to take off their blindfolds so they can see the creature. Later, a pack of wolves attacks them, and one of them hurts Malorie. The entity materializes, almost takes off Malories blindfold, but then departs from the group. Malorie finds the courage to take off her blindfold for a short while in order to find the correct course. When they finally arrive at the refuge, she learns that it was once a school for the blind. They are greeted by Constance, who is sighted, Rick, who is blind, and numerous other individuals who have turned blind in order to avoid being affected. At last, confident in their safety, Malorie calls the kids “Tom” and “Olympia” and instructs them to take off their blindfolds.

The Bird Box Series in Order (2 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 Bird Box May-2014 5
2 Malorie Jul-2020 4

Reception edit

Positive reviews have been given to Bird Box, and Malerman has been compared to Stephen King and Jonathan Carroll. [3][4] Tasha Robinson of The A. V. Club rated the book with a B, noting that “Malerman’s debut is a little over the top, and the cast could have used a little more focus, but the mood is incredibly effective.” Reading it is similar to accepting a challenge to enter a strange area with your eyes closed and no idea who or what might be trying to get in touch. “[5].

The initial draft of Bird Box was written by Malerman before the 2008 M He was concerned that the book “might get lost in the shuffle” because of the 2009 movie The Road and the 2006 novel The Happening by Night Shyamalan. “[6].


Is there a bird box 2 book?

Malorie is a 2020 post-apocalyptic horror novel by Josh Malerman and the sequel to his 2014 debut novel Bird Box.

Is Bird Box a book series?

The book follows a woman who must find a way to guide herself and her children to safety despite the potential threat from an unseen adversary. The story is partially told via flashbacks and takes place during three time periods. A sequel to the book, titled Malorie, was released on July 21, 2020.

Did they make a bird box 2?

The sequel, aptly titled Bird Box: Barcelona, dropped on Netflix last week, acting both as a spinoff and a continuation of the post-apocalyptic story. The series, based on Josh Malerman’s 2014 book of the same name, does have an official sequel novel, titled Malorie.

Is there a prequel to Bird Box?

No, you do not have to watch the original Bird Box film before tuning into Bird Box Barcelona. According to Netflix, the spinoff film is an extension of the OG and is set at the same time.