how does birds eye perk work

Whats all this talk regarding the Warzone 2 Birdseye Perk? Now that Perks work in Warzone 2, the community has figured out that the Birdseye Perk is exceptionally strong, bordering on broken. This guide will overview the Warzone 2 Birdseye Perk and explain why everyone in Warzone 2 is using this Perk.

Birdseye is like a free Advanced UAV

Warzone 2. 0 offers a variety of features and loadout classes for you to select from. Selecting the ideal perk for you can be difficult, particularly in the beginning of your battle royale career. But among the most well-liked benefits is the Warzone 2 0 Birdseye perk. It gives players a feature that is comparable to a free Advanced UAV but doesn’t cost anything.

How the Warzone 2.0 Birdseye perk works

Of the perks in Warzone 2. The new ultimate perks are one of the special features of 0. These operate in such a way that they aren’t always accessible in every match. Before it activates, you must spend enough time in the lobby running around, looting, and surviving.

Among the most well-liked ultimate benefits is the Birdseye benefit. Warzone 2. 0 points out that it makes it easier to “reveal the enemy’s direction” by using UAVs and radar pings. Basically, in order for this benefit to function at all, a UAV will be required. At least some of the time.

You’ll get the most use out of a UAV with this perk if you can buy one or loot one off of a locker or another player. It functions like a free Advanced UAV, displaying not just the players’ position in the surrounding area but also their direction of travel.

This can help you determine whether an enemy is about to aim at or locate you. Furthermore, it can indicate the general direction that a person may be running in at that precise moment. Modern UAVs are very helpful, and adding the Birdseye bonus to your loadout can help you save a ton of money.

But this Birdseye perk gives you another unique ability that the game doesn’t teach you. You will gain temporary advantage from that item if you have it equipped and an enemy squad deploys a UAV. Yes, you will notice everyone nearby for a brief period of time whenever someone uses a UAV, whether they are your friend or your enemy.

Why Is Everyone Using The Birdseye Perk In Warzone 2?

You might be wondering why the Birdseye Perk is so well-liked in Warzone 2 after learning what it can do. Indeed, the Birdseye Perk has certain hidden advantages that aren’t covered in the written description.

Above all, if you have the Birdseye Perk equipped, you will benefit for a short while each time a player in the match uses a UAV. That’s correct, you can see the location and direction of your enemies on the minimap when they engage a UAV against your team.

In typical Modern Warfare 2 matches with teams of six on confined maps, this bonus isn’t as helpful. On Al Mazrah, however, the Birdseye Perk will cause your minimap to continuously blink with intelligence when there are 150 players in a lobby.

Moreover, the effects of the Birdseye Perk still affect operators who have the Ghost Perk equipped. So, theres no counter to Birdseye. When Birdseye looks over Al Mazrah, it is like an all-seeing eye.


Is Birdseye a good perk?

One of the most popular ultimate perks is the Birdseye perk. Warzone 2.0 notes that it improves the use of UAVs and radar pings to now “reveal the enemy’s direction.” Essentially, you’re going to need a UAV to even make this perk work in the first place. At least some of the time.

Can Birdseye see ghosted players?

However, as of right now, the Birdseye ultimate perk completely counters the effect of Ghost, as when employing the Birdseye perk and using a UAV, players will now see their enemies on their tactical map, even if they have Ghost equipped.