how does a paper bird die

Dorothy: After that, she assures me that God will transform that paper bird into a real one if I’m a good girl—a really good girl. which I think is true because a mother wouldn’t lie. So I’m being really good every day, praying, searching for any sign of life, and growing quite attached to that stupid paper bird. You can only imagine how devastated I was to discover it dead one morning.

Blanche: I just love libraries. Blanche: Oh, I’ve loved books since I was a child. Dorothy: You do? Although I certainly did grow up around some ignorant people. Dorothy: Other than using terms like “youngun” and “neck of the woods,” do you know what horrible thing the people in my neck of the woods once did when I was a youngun? Blanche: They burned books. The villagers piled them high in front of the library and lit a torch atop them. Only Big Daddy was outraged. He turned to face the throng and yelled, “What are you people doing? This is lunacy,” after fighting his way through the throng and scrambling to the top of the pile. Ya start a fire from the bottom. “.

Dorothy: Well, of course I had a pet. Sophia: Not the pony thing again. You remember, Ma? I wanted a pony when I was six years old? Dorothy: She promised me a pony. She swore Id get a pony. She gives me a small paper bird from the circus on a stick. The kind that you have to spin around in your brain in order to get them to tweet Rose: And that was your pet? Sophia: Theyre very clean. Dorothy: Then she says to me that if I’m a really good girl, God will make that paper bird real, and I believed her because I don’t think a mother would lie. So I’m being a really good girl, praying, and looking for any sign of life, and I’m getting really attached to that silly paper bird every day. You can only imagine how devastated I was to discover it dead one morning. Rose: How does a paper bird die? Dorothy: Good question. Someone used it to restart the pilot light.