how does a fowler catch birds

“Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to overthrow my goings. The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set baits for me. Selah.” – Psalms? ?140?:?4-5?

Throughout scripture we see the use of the word snare repeated over and over. We see the enemy constantly laying out snares for God’s chosen people. Likewise, we also see wise men of God constantly crying out for Him to deliver them from the Fowler’s snares.

Some might ask, what exactly is a snare, and in what context was it used in biblical times that we might better understand this relentless tactic of the enemy? A snare is a trap set to catch animals that consisted of a looped cord. Once stepped on or passed through, the loop would tighten around the animal while they enjoyed the pleasure of the bait. Once it had a grip on them they rarely ever escaped. It was used most often in biblical times, and therefor in scripture, for catching birds. At this time there were no effective ways of plucking birds from the sky therefor, they had safety in their heavenly abode. So sense a Fowler could not rise to their level, he had to get them to come down to his. He did this by setting snares and covering them with grain. The birds were then tempted by this bait, left the protection of their place above their enemies, and came down to the Fowler dominion where they were caught in his snare and trapped.

Satan works the same way. A born again child of the King who’s mind and heart are set in heavenly places stands safely with the enemy under his feet. (Acts 2:35) You are like the bird and Satan is like the Fowler. He cannot rise to your level so he begins to set bait to get you to come down to his. He sets his trap and covers it with tempting baits, the easy meal. Then once we’ve set our eyes on the bait, our pride convinces us that we know and understand what we’re seeing, when really we only see what is on the surface, what the Fowler wants us to see. So we change course. These baits come in many forms such as promises of quick advancement, opportunities, attractive or flattering people, anything that looks good, quick, and easy makes for great bait for tempting us to leave the course that God has placed us in to feed from the Fowler snare. So beware.

Now that we understand what the Fowler snare is, how do we avoid it? I could list many scriptures that point out in detail different baits and tactics used to snare God’s people, but it can all be simplified in this, trust God. Don’t look for the easy road, the fast meal, the quick satisfaction, don’t trust the words or positioning of men, don’t succumb to either flatteries or pressures, don’t try to take matters into your own hands or help God do His job. When you do any of these things you are taking your focus off of God and putting them on the bait. Instead seek God daily in fervent prayer, listen, and obey. Do not put your trust in either yourself or in others, but in God only, in His will, and in His instructions. If you do this He will surely deliver you from the Fowler’s snare every time. God will always show you the snares being set for you in advance that you might avoid them, you just have to be focused, humble, and obedient enough to hear, listen, and trust Him. God is always speaking, we’re just not always listening. It takes great humility to admit that we can only see what the Fowler wants us to see and that we need God to tell us what we are actually seeing, because what we think looks good might very well have a snare lying just under the surface.

After learning about the Fowler snare, how can we avoid it? I could cite numerous scriptures that describe in detail the various lures and strategies used to trap God’s people, but it can all be summed up in one phrase: trust God. Refrain from seeking the simple route, a fast food, instant gratification, putting your trust in the words or actions of others, giving in to peer pressure or flattery, trying to handle things yourself, or interfering with God’s work. You are shifting your attention from God to the bait when you engage in any of these actions. Instead seek God daily in fervent prayer, listen, and obey. Never trust in people or in yourself; instead, trust only in God, in His will, and in His instructions. He will undoubtedly deliver you from Fowler’s snare each and every time if you do this. God will always make clear the snares He has planned for you so you can avoid them; all you need to do is be attentive, submissive, and focused enough to hear, listen, and put your trust in Him. God is always speaking, we’re just not always listening. Admitting that we can only see what the Fowler wants us to see and that we depend on God to reveal what we are truly seeing requires a great deal of humility because sometimes, what appears to be good may actually be a trap hiding beneath the surface.

“Keep me safe, O Lord, from the violent man and the hands of the wicked who intend to overthrow my ways. The arrogant have set baits for me, hidden a snare and cords for me, and spread a net beside the road. Selah. ” – Psalms? ?140?:?4-5?.

A snare is a trap set to catch animals that consisted of a looped cord. Some may wonder what exactly a snare is and in what context was it used in biblical times that we might better understand this persistent tactic of the enemy. The loop would close around the animal as soon as it was trodden on or passed through, giving them pleasure from the bait. When it got hold of them, they hardly ever managed to get free. It was primarily used for catching birds during biblical times, which is why scripture mentions it. Since there were no reliable methods for removing birds from the sky at the time, they were safe in their heavenly home. Since Fowler was unable to match their level, he had to persuade them to match his To accomplish this, he set snares and covered them with grain. After being seduced by this bait, the birds descended to the Fowler dominion, where they were ensnared in his snare and imprisoned. They had previously been protected by their location above their adversaries.

Satan works the same way. With the enemy beneath his feet, a born-again child of the King, with his mind and heart fixed in heavenly places, stands secure. (Acts 2:35) Satan is like the Fowler, and you are like the bird. He can’t compete with you, so he starts laying traps to make you bow to him. He positions his trap, covering it with alluring lures for a simple meal. After we’ve focused on the bait, though, our ego deceives us into believing that we know and comprehend what we’re seeing—in reality, we’re only seeing what the Fowler wants us to see at first glance. So we change course. These baits can take many different forms, including promises of rapid advancement, favorable opportunities, or appealing or charming people. Anything that appears appealing, quick, or simple can be used as a powerful lure to persuade us to stray from the path God has set for us and fall victim to the Fowler snare. So beware.

Scripture frequently uses the word “snare” in repeated fashion. The adversary is continuously setting traps for God’s chosen people. Similarly, we witness godly men pleading with God all the time for Him to save them from the traps set by Fowler.

foul-er (yoqesh): A professional birdcatcher. Before there were guns, birds were caught in snares and traps and with nets laid out on the ground. A technique was used to remove young birds from a nest, raise them by hand, and then confine them in secret cages until their voices would draw other birds of their kind to the area. The birds could then be killed by throwing a stick, measuring one and a half feet in length and half an inch in diameter, at the legs of the birds in a rotary motion. This worked particularly well when the birds were partridge or quail, which are ground birds that run up hills. Additionally, it was common practice to sew a captured bird’s eyelids together and confine it, allowing its cries to pique the curiosity of many other birds, who could then be taken in any of the previously mentioned methods. The fowlers supplied the market with wild pigeons, doves for sacrifice, and small birds used as food in addition to meeting the demand for doves and other birds kept as pets in cages. Psalm 91:3 “Because he will save thee from the fowler’s snare.” And from the deadly pestilence. “.