how do cats hunt birds

2. Get them a collar with a bell on it

Break-away collars with a bell fitted on them have proven to be very effective at stopping cats hunting. A recent study by the RSPB found that cats with a bell on their collar catch 41 percent fewer birds and 34 percent fewer mammals than those without one. If you are considering a collar with a bell, always make sure that it’s a safety one which will quickly release if your cat gets caught on anything.

Why do cats hunt?

In the past, loving owners did not keep cats as pets or provide for them. Like their big cat cousins, lions and tigers, they had to hunt for their own food and provide for themselves. Due to a scarcity of prey, only the most proficient hunters were able to survive and procreate, meaning that your four-legged friend is descended from cats who were adept at hunting.

Today, cat hunting is more about fun and entertainment. Your cat’s natural hunting instinct is triggered by the sight and sound of prey, as it is ingrained in their brains. To put it plainly, your cat cannot withstand a bird’s flapping wings or a small mouse’s scuttling feet.

If you have a cat that goes outside, you’re probably no stranger to having dead creatures turn up on your doorstep. While some cats may be more adept hunters than others, you may still find yourself wondering about the reasons behind this hunting behaviour.

It’s very possible that dead mice or birds have appeared on your doorstep if your cat is an outdoor cat. This could be something you simply get once in a while or something you look forward to every morning.

The propensity of cats to bring us gifts related to hunting has left many cat owners puzzled worldwide, and many are left wondering why cats hunt. It helps to understand why your cat hunts if it is an expert hunter. This is especially true if your cat receives regular feedings and lots of love and attention!