how do birds act before an earthquake

Hours before the massive earthquake hit Japans Ishikawa region citizens noticed weird bird behaviour. The relationship between bird behavior and earthquakes is a complex and not fully understood phenomenon. While anecdotal evidence exists of unusual bird activity before earthquakes. there is no conclusive scientific evidence to confirm a direct link. Here are some viral videos from X where birds were spotted cawing and flying erratically.

Why Preci ?

About 60 kilometers southeast of Perugia is the commune of Preci, which is part of the Province of Perugia in the Umbrian region of Italy. The earthquake happened on a number of distinct dates and at various epicentres. Through the process of merging and analyzing the damage map, it is possible to discern that certain cities exhibit overlap across all four earthquakes, despite notable variations in damage. Preci falls in the most affected zone.

Additionally, because Preci is close to the Monti Sibbilini National Park, there is a high concentration of birds in the area. We can see from the flight path that the area is more bird-friendly and that both local and migratory birds may use it as an airport destination.

Analyzing Preci- Identifying favorable habiat

The project aims to create a platform where certain animals—birds, for example—assist in earthquake prediction. The difficulty lies in establishing or developing a symbiotic environment so that people can benefit from Bird’s capacity for “predicting” earthquakes.

Process- Nodes to masterplan

Before the enormous earthquake struck the Ishikawa region of Japan, locals noticed strange bird behavior. It’s a complicated and little-known phenomenon how bird behavior and earthquakes relate to one another. While anecdotal evidence exists of unusual bird activity before earthquakes. There is insufficient proof to establish a direct correlation in science. These are some popular videos from X showing birds flying erratically and cawing.

An architect’s proposal leveraging the preparedness of animals and birds during occurrences of natural disaster

The Status quo — No. A significant earthquake event has never been predicted by scientists or the USGS. We have no idea how, and we don’t anticipate finding out anytime soon. An earthquake prediction must define 3 elements:

i. Date and time

The idea that animals can predict earthquakes is not a novel one; the Romans were aware of it. People have been reporting odd animal behavior minutes or hours before significant seismic events for over 2000 years. However, a recent space program may offer the details needed to clarify these tales.

Two weeks prior to the earthquake, scientists and researchers noticed anomalies in the ionosphere, the part of the earth’s atmosphere that can reflect radio waves and has a high concentration of ions and free electrons. Animals are able to detect these differences and respond abnormally to these changes, which aids scientists in tracking and documenting these changes. Animals respond to these changes in atmosphere differently in time.

One such animal that can sense variations in radio waves (free ions and electrons) days or even weeks before an earthquake is experienced is the bird. Because of its ability to react abnormally to these changes, birds aid scientists in tracking and documenting these changes. The study of using animals to mitigate disasters is gaining momentum and speed these days.

Due to a unique geodynamic condition where the Eurasian and African plates are convergent, earthquakes frequently strike Italian territory. Umbria region in Italy remains the epicentre for the earthquakes. A few Umbrian earthquake series that caused the cities to sustain long-term damage were as follows:

i. 24th Aug 2016- Norcia

ii. 26th Oct 2016- Castelluccio

iii. 30th Oct 2016- Amatrice

iv. 18th Jan 2017- Foligno

Earthquake, Bird Movement and Habitat Preference


How do birds know earthquakes are coming?

There are often small pre-quake tremors that animals can sense that we cannot, and certainly aftershocks that they sense and feel. Animals may also detect changing ozone levels in the air that we don’t detect, which can alert them to a pending earthquake.

What do birds do during an earthquake?

During the shock the birds began to leave the roost, and rose slowly in ascending spirals above the trees to a height of about 140 ft. They then descended slowly and settled noisily in the roost; thereafter throughout the minor shocks they showed no sign of disturbance.

Do birds know when a natural disaster is coming?

Some have highly sensitive hearing or smell, while others can detect changes in atmospheric pressure or electromagnetic fields. For instance, birds are sensitive to air pressure changes and often hunker down before a big storm.

How do animals around you behave during an earthquake?

Examples of animals detecting earthquakes They may bark excessively, whine, or become agitated. Some dogs have been known to refuse to go outside, or to hide under furniture or in small spaces. Cats: Like dogs, cats may become restless before earthquakes. They may meow more than usual, or hide in unusual places.