how did falco become a bird

Attack on Titan has introduced a number of Jaw Titans. But the most recent iteration may be the most unique of them all.

Episode 86 of Attack on Titan recently aired, giving fans of the series plenty to talk about. The most exciting event in the episode might very well be the debut of Falco Grices Jaw Titan. Falco has never activated his Titan powers before, so it was a mystery as to when and how he would utilize its abilities.

In actual fact, this episode never quite revealed the extent of Falcos Jaw abilities and with the anime one episode away from its finale, anime fans might need to wait a little while longer before they can see how impactful Falcos Titan can be. So what exactly can Falcos Jaw Titan do?

Why does Falco’s jaw Titan look different?

Because Falco’s Jaw Titan combines the abilities of the Beast and Jaw Titan, it has a unique appearance. Falco acquired the Jaw Titan from Porco Galliard after ingesting Zekes spinal fluid; as a result, his Titan has a distinctive bird-like appearance with powerful claws and a beak for a jaw.

Falco Grice’s Titan Form Explained: How Can Falco’s Jaw Titan Fly?

In order to understand why Falcos flew Jaw Titan, it is necessary to review significant scenes from previous episodes.

The whole thing started at a dinner celebrating Sashas bravery, where Gabi found the courage to admit her part in Sashas demise. Enraged, Niccolo swung a bottle violently at Gabi, not realizing that Zekes spinal fluid had tampered with the wine. Falco moved in front of Gabi to shield her from Niccolo’s blow, which caused the bottle to break and the wine to spill. Unconscious, Falco inadvertently consumed the tainted wine.

Zeke Yeager eventually used his Beast Titan abilities to turn all Eldians who had consumed his spinal fluid into Pure Titans, including Falco, even though no immediate effects were seen. Following those events, Falco devoured Jaw Titan Porco Galliard, gaining those powers for himself.

The Flying Titan – A Much-Needed Addition in Attack on Titan

Isayama’s storytelling in Attack on Titan is characterized by a strong sense of narrative coherence, a knack for constructing engaging scenes, and meticulous planning. His inventiveness is evident in the series, where it is renowned for its potent foreshadowing and unexpected narrative turns that hold viewers’ interest. In addition to his deranged imagination—just take a peek at Falco in his Pure Titan form. Creepy!.

The unexpected arrival of the Flying Titan, a creation under the control of Falco—a character whose name subtly alludes to a bird, specifically a falcon—is a notable moment in this narrative tapestry. Falco’s dream of a Flying Titan, which occurs alongside this revelation, acts as a clear foreshadowing element hinting at a crucial revelation in the developing plot. These examples highlight the series’ deft use of foreshadowing and symbolism, which deepens the story overall.

Attack on Titan’s introduction of the Flying Jaw Titan, who plays a key role in the series’ dramatic finale, is a welcome change. Its importance is especially evident in its backing of Mikasa at the end of the war and in its numerous acts of bravery that repeatedly save our main characters. Though Falco had little screen time in the last episodes, his presence had a significant impact in the series finale, leaving viewers amazed and curious about the mystery surrounding his Titans’ newly discovered flying abilities.

Beyond just a plot twist, The Flying Jaw Titan is a testament to Isayama’s storytelling prowess and his ability to skillfully blend elements from earlier episodes to create a world with depth. Fans’ efforts to solve the mysteries surrounding Falcos Titan demonstrate Attack on Titans’ ongoing success in surprising and engrossing viewers long after the show has ended.


How come Falco can fly?

The ability of Falco’s Jaw Titan to fly in Attack on Titan is a result of inheriting some characteristics from the Beast Titan. When Falco consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid and later ate Porco to inherit the Jaw Titan, he also gained some of the Beast Titan’s traits, including bird-like features.

How did Falco get his powers?

While no immediate effects were observed, Zeke Yeager eventually activated his Beast Titan powers to transform all Eldians who had ingested his spinal fluid into Pure Titans, including Falco. In subsequent events, Falco consumed Porco Galliard, the then Jaw Titan, thereby inheriting those powers for himself.

Why did Zeke turn Falcon into a Titan?

This form of Falco is actually a hybrid form of Beast Titan and Jaw Titan when Falco at first accidentally consumed Zeke Yeager’s (who is the current Beast Titan) spinal fluid, then subsequently devoured Porco Galliard who was the owner of Jaw Titan (Porco sacrificed himself to bring Falco back to his sanity and to …

How did Falco get Zeke’s spinal fluid?

Taking To The Skies. The last fact was crucial to Falco’s case, where he was turned into a Pure Titan after accidentally ingesting Zeke’s spinal fluid through tainted Marleyan wine.