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Sheldon tries to overcome his fear of birds, while Leonard and Penny attempt to hang out together strictly as friends.Sheldon tries to overcome his fear of birds, while Leonard and Penny attempt to hang out together strictly as friends.Sheldon tries to overcome his fear of birds, while Leonard and Penny attempt to hang out together strictly as friends.


  • Leonard and Penny discuss whether going on a movie date is a good idea in the first scene. Their lines are strikingly similar to Monica Geller’s and Chandler Bing’s from the Friends pilot:
  • Similarly both shows were taped at Warner Bros. Television studios at Burbank, California.
  • The bird is actually a Black-throated Magpie-Jay, but Sheldon calls it a Blue Jay. In his defense, technically, its still a jay bird. Additionally, he says, “A magpie tries to steal my retainer out of my mouth at age 12.” ” Hence, he can recognize a magpie. Sheldon’s bird sightings are actually extremely rare because Pasadena is not the native habitat of the Black-throated Magpie-Jay, Lovey-Duvey, which is found in tropical Central America. Furthermore, magpies are indigenous to the western mountainous regions of the United States, not east Texas.
  • This episode features only one scene with Raj and Howard.
  • Curiously, Kevin and Laura, the characters Penny and Leonard encountered in this episode, are the same first names as actors Kevin Sussman (Stuart) and Laura Spencer (Emily), who would later become series regulars.
  • Throughout the entire episode, Sheldon is the only person who stays in the apartment.
  • In “The Friendship Algorithm,” Sheldon initially confessed that he was afraid of birds (S2E13) Sheldon talks about running from irate chickens in “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification” (S4E2), and in “The Jiminy Conjecture” (S3E2), he also mentioned how a chicken got loose and chased him up the large elm tree in front of his house. In this episode, he recounts how a bloodthirsty chicken chased him up a tree when he was seven years old.
  • Sheldons e-mail is s. cooperphd@yahoo. com. This is printed on the “Have you seen this bird?” poster near the end of the episode.
  • The next episode features Bernadette’s photo of Sheldon and the bird as Sheldon’s Facebook profile picture.
  • Amy’s laughter at the end of the line, “If you’re keeping him, I have a cage you can borrow,” is followed by an abrupt roar from the audience. One of the test monkeys slipped and broke his neck. It was both tragic and hysterical. ” may or may not have been intentional. While the episode uses a different take with the same soundtrack, a blooper featuring Mayim Bialik’s use of this line can be seen in the season 5 blooper reel. It has the exact same portrayal and audience response. Jim Parsons begins to laugh in this blooper, and as the audience laughs harder, Bialik bursts into a fit of giggles.
  • The second episode, “The Middle-Earth Paradigm” (S1E6), featured a non-intellectual character who tries to spell a word to demonstrate their intelligence but gives up after a few letters. Remarkably, in both cases, Leonard was the one instructing the non-intellect to spell the word.
  • In this episode, Bernadette and Amy only make two appearances at Apartment 4A with Sheldon.

Costume Notes[]

  • Penny is dressed in her Cheesecake Factory uniform and sporting a Lucky Brand sweater/hoodie called “Waterfalls.”


  • The TV Critic: “There has been a lot of Sheldon alone this season.” Or at least not interacting with many people. We have witnessed him pursuing retribution, playing dice, and becoming fixated on a toy train set or paintball. The stories are good, and he’s still one of the few TV characters who can make a scene humorous just by acting it out. The Leonard and Penny story was pretty good too. It was a funny story because Leonard stood up for himself and mentioned all the sacrifices he made while they were dating. “[2].
  • The A.V. Club gave this episode a C-[3]
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What episode does Sheldon get a bird?

Lovey-Dovey is a female Black-throated Magpie-Jay that Sheldon at first feared but then adopted as a pet. Her tenure is short lived because Lovey-Dovey flew away shortly after when Sheldon opened the window to retrieve her nest. She made her appearance in “The Ornithophobia Diffusion“, the ninth episode of Season 5.

What bird was in Sheldon’s apartment?

Sheldon refers to the bird as a blue jay, however, it is a black-throated magpie-jay.

What happened to Sheldon’s bird egg?

He came around when he discovered the egg the bird laid before leaving, and Sheldon proclaimed himself as “Mommy.” In the following episode the egg was never mentioned, nor was it ever even brought up that Sheldon had once tried to become a mother to an egg.