does jenny bird jewelry tarnish

What I Like About Jenny Bird Jewelry

These pieces have not tarnished at all during the summer, even after several days of daily wear. My biggest annoyance is when I purchase jewelry that I initially thought was lovely, but after a few wears, the shine or color starts to fade. With these necklace and earrings, this has not at all been the case; in fact, they still look just like the day I bought them. Despite the absurdity of it, I also like how simple it is to wear this jewelry. I never look for an earring back because the earrings are hinged and the necklace has a large lobster claw that clips on easily.

What’s Worth Noting About Jenny Bird Jewelry

Jewelry designer Jenny Bird is based in Canada and the brand was founded in 2008. The company is very transparent about how its responsibly sourcing jewelry manufacturers in Qingdao, China and conducting annual audits of the factory to ensure that conditions are both healthy and safe for workers. According to Jenny Birds site, the business also “donates one-percent of all sales to organizations that uplift women from our fund, the Possibilities Project.”

does jenny bird jewelry tarnish

does jenny bird jewelry tarnish


When you make a purchase at Jenny-bird, show your gift card at the register. com and jenny-bird. ca. Purchases are deducted from the card balance. Treat this card as if it were cash. Jenny Bird is not liable for cards that are misplaced, stolen, damaged, or used without authorization. Gift cards are final sale and are not refundable or exchangeable for cash unless mandated by law. This gift card has no expiration date. By using this card, you accept these terms and conditions.


Can you wear Jenny Bird in the shower?

Limit exposure to water, perfume, sunscreen, lotion and hairstyling products. Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing or showering. Store pieces separately, and hang necklaces to keep them from tangling. Wipe clean with a soft cloth, and do not use conventional fine jewelry cleaner.

Does Jenny Bird make good jewelry?

“I’m never not wearing these earrings. They’re the perfect weight, shine, and size.” Bazaar staffers aren’t the first to become infatuated with Canadian designer Jenny Bird’s hoop earrings.

What kind of jewelry doesn’t tarnish?

Gold: Gold, in its purest form, is typically unreactive and will not tarnish. That being said, gold under 18 carats has the potential to tarnish due to the fact that gold is usually made of an alloy or mixed with another metal.

Where is Jenny Bird jewelry made?

We proudly manufacture our jewelry in Qingdao, China, in the province of Shandong, south-east of Beijing. WHY QINGDAO? We trialed various factories from around the world including North America and found the samples from a small factory in Qingdao were the best quality.