does angry birds 2 ever end

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Not really; new levels are constantly being added to the game. The most recent, with a ton of new levels, was the Bad Piggies one, I believe. Furthermore, I won’t be shocked if they add another bird. Recently, more levels (Bamboo Forest Central Pork) were added to Angry Birds 2.

The current answer would be none. AB2 will never end, and AB will always keep people interested in the Mighty League.

Scoring System

There is a particular kind of scoring system in the game, and its various mechanics influence the player’s score. For instance, a Hatchling will multiply the number by eight (the total number of birds in your flock) and add its own flock power to the level of your slingshot. During events like Hatchling Fever, the score multiplier can vary. Three distinct stats are available for finishing a section of a normal level:

  • “Strike!” – Increases your score by 25,000 points when you use exactly one bird to finish a level’s portion.
  • “Birdie!” – Increases your score by 10,000 points when you use precisely two birds to finish a level’s portion.
  • No bonus (No text): No points are awarded for using precisely three birds to finish a level’s portion.

The player can choose a level to play while following the game’s story on a World Map. Levels are divided into multiple categories and are generated at random, with the same maximum score being achievable in each category.

  • Normal Level: By popping pigs, the player must get through a number of zones. First appeared in level 1, common to find.
  • Hard Level: More challenging than Normal Levels, but comparable First appeared in level 24, uncommon to find.
  • Level of Score: The player must receive a specific number of points. Although the zones in these levels are infinite, they end as soon as the player receives the required number of points. These levels are the rarest in the game. First appeared in Level 18 and last in Level 63.
  • Boss Level: Similar to the Normal Levels. But in the final zone, the player has to defeat a boss pig in order to win. The boss can see their health using a health gauge. The boss pig and all the other pigs will be vanquished if the gauge is empty. First appeared in Level 5.

Extra Card (from Mighty Eagle Bootcamp)

If the player completes the Daily Challenge, they will receive this card as one of the rewards, along with an additional card that they can use to increase their chances. The Daily Challenge theme determines which card is featured each day; for instance, if the theme is Bombs Blast!, an additional card featuring bombs will be the reward. Complete King Pig Panic is eligible to get an additional card featuring one of the extra birds. They are only available for use that day in Mighty Eagle Bootcamp, so make sure to use them before they disappear.

Please be aware that once you have unlocked Mighty Eagle Bootcamp, you will only be able to obtain the Extra Card for the birds you have unlocked.


How many levels are in Angry Birds 2?

This is the only traditional slingshot Angry Birds game with procedurally generated levels, which might be the reason why as of November 2023, the game has 3500 levels in its campaign mode.

Is there an end to Angry Birds 2 game?

AB2 will go on forever, and AB will continue to keep people on the Mighty League.

Is Angry Birds 3 confirmed?

It is set to be released on November 12th, 2024 in honor of the Franchise’s 15th Anniversary.

How does the movie end Angry Birds 2?

Everyone escapes, and Mighty Eagle protects Debbie from being crushed by a metal plate, redeeming himself to her and Zeta. Mighty Eagle and Zeta get married on Bird Island, with Red as the chief witness and Debbie as the flower girl and the rest of the birds, pigs, and eagles celebrate.