do robins like bird houses

Robin Bird House Alternative

do robins like bird houses

If you would rather restrict your shelf to robins that are nesting, consider placing it 20 to 25 feet high, above phoebes’ preferred height. Additionally, phoebes favor having the nest shelf situated directly beneath an overhanging ledge or eaves. Additionally, phoebes favor locations with access to fresh water (a water feature).

Robins are among the most beloved birds in America, and many people want to draw them to build nests in their yards. Since American Robins do not build their nests in cavities, they do not use bird houses; however, you can draw them in by offering a shelf for their nests. The same nesting shelf may also draw in nesting phoebes, which are popular birds that are specialized flycatchers. You might draw an Eastern Phoebe in the country’s east, a Say’s Phoebe in the continent’s west, or a Black Phoebe in the far west, depending on where you are.

It is advised to place the nesting shelf 5 to 25 feet high to attract robins. Eastern phoebes prefer shelf elevations between three and fifteen feet, while Say’s phoebes prefer elevations between four and nine feet. In summary, to draw in any of these birds, place your nesting shelf between five and nine feet high.

A simplified open nest box with the front and some of the sides open is what a nesting shelf is. The shelf juts outward by roughly 7 inches, giving robins or phoebes a place to build their nest. The roof of nesting shelves should be slanted to deflect rain, and drain holes should be drilled into the bottom corners to prevent rainwater from collecting at the bottom of the shelf. To offer some side protection from the sun, rain, wind, and predators’ view, the sides only extend 3 to 4 ½ inches. Install your nesting shelf for protection beneath a building’s soffit or eave, possibly on your porch or garage.

Will Robins Use Bird Houses?

do robins like bird houses


Will robins go in a bird house?

While robins won’t use a traditional bird house and a robin bird house isn’t a product you should buy, there are some birdhouse-like products available for them. Robins tend to build their nests on flat surfaces, and nesting shelves replicate that setting.

What is the best house for a robin?

Robins are one of the most common birds in city back yards and relatively easy to attract to a properly mounted platform nesting shelter. The Robin Nesting Platform has an 8? by 8? base, measures approximately 8? floor to ceiling, has an open front and partially open sides.

What bird box do robins like?

Although they like well-protected nesting sites, robins often prefer an open-fronted nest box. But they do like any nest to be well-hidden by vegetation. This means that if you choose a robin nest box with a hole, you don’t have to worry too much about its size.