do green lasers scare birds

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As a general rule, lasers should not be pointed skyward, not even to evict bothersome sky rats pigeons. However, there are certain situations in which using a laser pointer safely is permissible, such as pointing out constellations in a dark field far from any air traffic.

If you accidentally shine your laser on an aircraft, you run the risk of causing major issues for the crew and may receive a visit from some very irate law enforcement officers.

There are many other ways to get rid of pigeons, some of which are used at airports and many of which are more effective (and safer) than your laser idea. Your local Animal Control group may be able to offer some additional ideas.

(Steer clear of the “predator bird statue” notion; from what I’ve seen, pigeons recognize it as a fake and use it as a lavatory. ).

I scare squirrels and grackles away from my bird feeder with a marshmallow gun. The biodegradable and delicious mini marshmallows and the popping guns are enough to send the animals running. If you do the extremely rare thing of actually hitting them, you won’t get hurt forever.

To answer your question, I believe you could cause the pigeons to become blind and accumulate negative pigeon karma.

This kind of laser is class 3B laser. You may not be allowed to possess it. Even so, there are significant technical limitations with this laser, like the fact that it will deactivate if you point it upward.

Proven laser bird deterrent

Due to gull roosting issues, Oswestry Water Treatment Works was facing a significant health risk to the water quality from bird guano, feather moult, and food scraps. Following the completion of a comprehensive survey, we used Agrilaser technology in conjunction with hawks and falcons for an 8-week trial period.

Because of the program’s great success, the species no longer spends the night roosting there, and the Agrilaser system is now permanently installed in addition to an annual falconry program. Read the full story here.

Bird deterrent laser safety

Class 3B lasers should only be used in controlled settings. It should be used under strict guidelines and with the utmost respect, just like any other laser technology. The safe use of laser equipment is governed by stringent laws, and the Agrilaser system can be secured with a PIN code that includes an emergency stop feature.


What does green laser do to birds?

Green laser beams are employed as they are most effective and safe type of laser for bird scaring. Birds perceive the laser light as a predator-like presence, which encourages them to leave their roosts.

Are birds scared of green light?

Green has been found to be most effective laser color for evening hours—the light scatters in the atmosphere and produces a stronger beam that is more visible in the sky. The beams are also considered to be a safe deterrent.

What really scares birds away?

Generally speaking, birds hate strong smells, shiny objects, and predators, such as birds of prey and larger animals or humans.

Is there a laser gun for scaring birds?

The Laser Bird Deterrent Light Based On Laser Beam Technology Repels Birds During Lighting Conditions Of 10.000 Lux Or Less, Which Can Be Compared With Cloudy Weather. Birds Perceive The Laser Beam As An Approaching Physical Danger And Fly Away In Search For Safer Grounds.