do birds show affection to humans

Our pet birds are usually quite good at telling us what they want. For example, our feathered friends won’t hesitate to share their displeasure or let us know that their food dish is empty. Likewise, a volley of bird vocalizations is likely to greet us whenever we walk in the door. These are just a couple of many examples of birds being adept communicators with their humans.

For new bird owners, bonding with your new pet be a long and challenging process, but there’s no questioning how worthwhile this pursuit is. Building that special, loving bond with birds large and small brings unconditional love and friendship that is hard to match.

We have put together some great tips for bonding with your bird that are designed to help you spend quality time with your bird to help them learn that they can trust you.

Throughout the bonding process, every bird owner is eager for signs that their feathered friend has begun to trust and adore them. After all, proof of trust from our pets is the ultimate validation that we are finding success in building the sacred pet/owner bond. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to tell if a bird likes you.

13. Hopping Around (Caiques & Lorikeets)

Small parrots can move swiftly without flying by hopping.

But parrots—especially lorikeets and caiques—have been known to hop around when they’re happy or to attract a beloved flock member’s attention. If they appear to get excited and show affection whenever you’re around, it could be a sign of that.

While it’s not always the case, there are instances when this behavior indicates affection.

4. When They Fly Over To You

Your bird wants to hang out with you when it flies over to you without being enticed with treats.

The only other reasons they would fly to you if you didn’t have treats and they weren’t socially dependent on you would be your company and attention. Maybe they’re coming to preen you, or maybe they’re flying over to sleep (or piss) on your shoulder.

In any case, it’s very adorable and ought to be interpreted as a show of love!

14. They Following Commands, Tricks, And What You’ve Taught Them

Being obedient to instructions and following them is not a sign of affection. However, the fact that they obey your instructions and listen to you indicates that they believe in you. And with birds, they’re normally affectionate toward those they trust.

Or maybe they just love the treats!

Training strengthens the bond between you and your bird; if you continue, they will show you more overt displays of affection.

If your bird lets you pick them up, then they most definitely love and trust you.

It’s a huge sign of trust when you even let your hands lightly rest on their body. But hand-raised parrots are the most likely to exhibit this behavior; it doesn’t mean they don’t love you; it just means they don’t feel comfortable being grabbed.


Do birds get attached to humans?

Do Birds Love Their Owners? While not all birds will form a close emotional bond with humans, some do, and they can be very loyal and affectionate pets. While it hasn’t been scientifically proven if birds can love or not, bird observes can see a bird’s affections through their personality and behavior.

How do birds show affection to their owners?

Pleasant sounds like chirping, singing, and talking with you generally indicate a sense of trust and affection. You may even find your bird mimicking you because they want to fit in and be considered part of your community.