do birds nest in magnolia trees

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Im not an ornithologist, but I think you are over-engineering.

If you like magnolia, plant one. It will be used by a variety of birds as a place to rest and observe insects.

Maintain as much diversity in the garden as you can to attract more birds. You will only encounter berry eaters if you solely target the plants you mentioned. Instead, draw in insects and eventually small mammals. This will draw more birds to your garden.

In general: taller the plant, more birds you will have. Also denser plants help (also if they are small). There are therefore some magnolia varieties that may aid birds in having a nice nest and in scanning their surroundings.

Berries will grow and birds will adore the ivy added to the trunk. (there are different opinion about magnolia thinking about thins).

A fountain or some water will draw the bird to your garden.

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How To Plant Audubon® Native Southern Magnolia Treeling

Rich soil and full sun to partial shade are ideal habitats for Southern Magnolias. Provide it with some protection from the northern portions of its range’s predominant winter winds. Mulch is the ideal groundcover because Southern Magnolia casts a thick shadow that hinders growing anything directly beneath it. Use the lawnmower to trample over fallen leaves to aid in their decomposition and nutritional recycling. Although this tree grows slowly in general, with the right fertilization and watering, it can grow fairly quickly.

When first planted, the Southern Magnolia prefers regular irrigation, but as many old, neglected examples will attest, once established, it can be surprisingly drought-tolerant.

When planting, mix in Elements Starter Plant food in granular form into the soil. If planting in the spring or summer, apply Elements Starter Plant food granules as a late-fall fertilizer every year. To ensure that your plant is well established, keep doing this for the first three years.


What birds are attracted to magnolia trees?

May Benefit & Attract: Thrushes, waxwings, wood warblers, finches, mockingbirds & thrashers, chickadees & titmice, orioles, cardinals & grosbeaks, crows & jays, sparrows, nuthatches, vireos, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and wrens.

What animals are attracted to magnolia trees?

Bees, such as honey bees, bumblebees and other native bees, are attracted to the large blooms of the magnolia tree and will feed on the nectar and pollen. Butterflies are also attracted to the smell of magnolias and will feed on the nectar.

Do birds eat magnolia tree seeds?

Once fertilized, the flowers drop their petals and give way to rosy, cone-like fruits. These in turn eventually burst open with bright red seeds. Many of those seeds will be eaten by birds, who disperse the seeds (now without the bright red coats) in their droppings.

Are magnolia trees good to have in your yard?

Because of their ability to steal the show in your landscape, we usually recommend using Magnolia trees as centerpiece trees in your yard or garden design. Depending on the variety, they work very well as shade trees, flowering focal points, as well as privacy hedges, windbreaks, and street trees.