do birds like gourd birdhouses

After all the worry and fuss about drilling holes in my precious gourds, the first of two is open for nesting. My resident handyman drilled a bird-sized hole on the front of the gourd, two small ones at the top for hanging, and drainage holes below.

It’s amazing how soft it is inside, almost like downy wool. I wasn’t expecting that. The walls of the gourd are thick and sturdy. It’s no wonder a bird might call this home.

I threaded a piece of florist wire through the top and I’m having fun hanging it from various trees. We’re months away from nesting season, but I’m glad to have one ready to go.

Several of our trees are deciduous, so they won’t provide adequate protection for a nest, but I do have a couple of ideas. Our orange tree is fairly dense and in fact, houses a large nest from a few years back. The Star Jasmin vine in our side yard is another possibility. It’s so dense you can’t see to the center.

Mama birds know best, so all I can do is provide the medium and hope she likes it. Maybe I’ll write her a little note that says ‘pick me! pick me!’ and leave it on a branch nearby.

In the meantime, I’ll hang the beautiful gourd in plain view. As nesting season draws near, I’ll tuck it away in a tall, densely foliaged tree with hope in my heart while listening for the song of baby birds.

Do you have nests in the trees nearby? Do you offer nesting material for your feathered neighbors? Photos also welcome in the comment section below.

Wrens Love Our Gourd Birdhouse

by Mark (Bellevue, MI)

This year, we have three sets of baby wrens in our gourd birdhouse.

This was the first year for my gourd birdhouse. Before the female arrived, the male certainly decorated it nicely. Three sets of babies! From Wild-Bird-Watching. com.

Gourds make excellent birdhouses. When the opening and placement are correct, birds such as tree swallows, purple martins, and wrens will utilize them. Access ports are something else you may want to think about for your gourd birdhouses. Producing companies create a cover that fits your gourd perfectly, making cleaning simple. You can check them out here:

Access Ports I believe its important to clean out your gourd birdhouses in between nestings or at least at the end of the season. Thanks for your submission.

Since mama birds are the experts, all I can do is offer the platform and hope she finds it enjoyable. Perhaps I should write her a short note that reads, “Pick me! Pick me!” and stick it on a nearby branch.

Photos are welcome in the comment section below. Do you have nests in the nearby trees? Do you provide your feathered neighbors with nesting material?

I’ll hang the lovely gourd in the open while I wait. With hope in my heart, I’ll tuck it away in a tall, densely foliage tree as nesting season approaches and listen for the sound of baby birds chirping.

Its interior is incredibly soft, akin to downy wool. I wasn’t expecting that. The walls of the gourd are thick and sturdy. It’s no wonder a bird might call this home.

I’m enjoying hanging it from different trees after threading florist wire through the top. Nesting season is still months away, but at least I have one prepared.

Tips For Gourd Birdhouses Hole Size, Height The hole should be 1 1/4 to 1 1/2″, they should hang protected from direct sunlight 5 to 15′ high (ours like them higher) and facing about east. Look for more hanging tips on this wonderful site.

by Felicity Rainnie (Mexico)

I started out by making some planters out of gourds. I was surprised to see that some Wrens were very interested in the one I had in front of my window. Naturally, I had to stop watering the little plant, but the issue was that the Wren would really make an impression on my cat whenever it got close. Had he remained silent, things might have gone very well, but naturally, the cat was led directly to the location where the Wren wanted to nest, so that didn’t work out. Now I am really trying to attract birds. I live in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and I’ve made several gourd nests. This time, I’m hanging them to keep mischievous cats out of reach! Even though spring hasn’t arrived yet, I’m busy crafting and hanging gourds everywhere. They are amazing, light, exquisitely shaped, and textured, according to someone. I just love them. So far, I’ve adorned them with shells, beads, and coarse string. On the upcoming ones, I’d like to paint some designs. I always can’t wait for them to be finished! Maybe the Wren will decide to give it another go. It would be wonderful if another bird family showed interest as well!

by Felicity Rainnie (Mexico)

I’m happy to announce that, after building about eight gourd birdhouses and placing them all over my house, My two mischievous kitties couldn’t reach them because I put them too high, and I’ve been waiting months for anything to happen.

do birds like gourd birdhouses


What birds will use a gourd birdhouse?

Gourds make fine homes for several varieties of cavity nesters. Some birds you could attract include bluebirds, swallows, chickadees, wrens, woodpeckers, great crested flycatchers, titmice, screech owls, kestrels and nuthatches.

Where should a gourd birdhouse be placed?

Hang the gourds near your home or barn with sixty to eighty feet of clear open space around them. “The birds like an open area, but they don’t like to be long distances away from human housing,” Shaddix says.

How long do gourd birdhouses last?

Some customers have had them last over 15 years while others replace them every few years. One thing is for sure, just like wood and other natural products, an organic gourd birdhouse is going weather outside, no matter how much varnish, polyurethane, or resin you apply.

Do gourd birdhouses need a perch?

Do you know why there are no perches on the gourd birdhouse? Birds do not need a perch to enter the nest, they have such precise flying skills that they can land on the edge of the entrance opening. A perch would be an invitation for other predator birds to enter the nest. Therefore you do not need a perch.