do birds hate irish spring soap

Weve probably all seen the videos of squirrels trying to maneuver up greased bird feeder poles, right? Try as they might, they struggle to get up there. But they will anyway, which is why that hack doesnt work to keep squirrels away. While the little food hubs are called bird feeders rather than squirrel feeders, that doesnt stop the fuzzy fellows from eating their fill. So, homeowners have to get creative by using store-bought guards, different kinds of feeders, and even soap to keep the food safe for the birds. Soap, especially Irish Spring, is particularly onerous to squirrels and a great idea for safe discouragement.

After all, the amount of food that squirrels eat is significant compared to their twittering culinary rivals. Specifically looking at grey squirrels, for instance, a study done by Hugh J. Hanmer, Rebecca L. Thomas, and Mark D.E. Fellowes for Landscape and Urban Planning demonstrated that the squirrels were around a lot — 44.3% of the noted feeding time, to be exact. And when the squirrels were around, the birds werent. Their report also noted that things like feeder guards did deter squirrels, but they also deterred birds.

Greasing a bird feeder pole might not be to everyones taste. And it seems that guards can sometimes keep birds away too, which defeats the purpose of the bird feeder. But there is one tried and true deterrent that will keep the birdies coming to supper and the squirrels foraging elsewhere.

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A bar of soap nearby can keep other animals away

Normally, people and animals aren’t put off by our clean, fresh scent, but that isn’t the case here. Squirrels and other animals dislike the scent of Irish Spring soap. Therefore, some bird enthusiasts have discovered that a good way to keep their squirrelly yard dwellers at bay is to hang a mesh bag or sock with a bar of Irish Spring near or on their bird feeder. Another option would be to add a bar to the feeder’s base or break it up and scatter it all over. Though the soap trick might get a little messy in a rainy spring, it’s still not as messy or dangerous for wildlife as smearing grease on your bird feeder.

It turns out that some of the components that draw people to Irish Spring are also some of the things that annoy wildlife. Woman was told by entomologist Shannon Harlow-Ellis Although not supported by science, Irish Spring soap may work well as a do-it-yourself pest repellent. You can also use grated Irish Spring soap in your garden to deter deer from feasting on your vegetables or flowers. It works well to keep spiders out of your home as well. The best thing about this solution is that it doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides that could endanger our nearby wildlife.


What smell do birds hate?

Are you wondering, “Can birds smell?” and “What smell deters birds?” Yes, some home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, peppermint, and chili pepper flakes may have a small repelling effect on birds. But nothing comes close to how birds hate the smell of the food grade ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate.

What animal does Irish Spring repel?

Omahan Pat Lunders swears she has the answer: Irish Spring soap. Pat Lunders demonstrates how she uses slivers of Irish Spring soap to keep rabbits away. “Grate it, and sprinkle it like you are feeding the chickens,” she said. “It really, really works.”

Do squirrels eat Irish Spring soap?

Irish Spring is a surprisingly good squirrel repellent. You can learn more about this interesting use for the classic soap here.