do birds fly into windows

Once you have heard it, you will never forget the sound—the sickening “thud” of a bird hitting glass. Then you go outside, dreading the sight of a beautiful winged creature lying motionless on the ground beneath a window. You dont know what do to help them. And you wish you could stop this from happening ever again. You can.

The first step is to understand why birds fly into windows: Its usually because when theyre looking at the window, theyre seeing the reflection of sky or trees instead of a pane of glass. They think theyre following a clear flight path. That mistake can be deadly; at least half of the birds who hit windows die from their injuries or because another animal killed them while they were stunned and couldnt escape or protect themselves.

Make windows visible to birds

  • A light net or window screen should be attached at least 2-3″ away from the window. Birds will bounce off a taut screen or net (think of it like a trampoline) without getting caught.
  • Tape strips: Adhere 1/4″ vertical white strips spaced 4″ apart or 1/8″ horizontal black strips spaced 1 inch apart to the outside of the window.
  • External shutters: Close them whenever windows arent in use.
  • Awnings or sun shades outside will reduce or eliminate reflection and transparency.
  • Soap or paint patterns: Use soap or tempera paint to create designs on the exterior of windows. The paint is not water-soluble and can be removed with a sponge. Stencils and tempera paint are available at art and craft supply stores.
  • Decals and wind chimes should be arranged closely together, with no more than a4″ wide by2″ high space separating them. You can find decals at art and craft supply stores.
  • Place bird baths and feeders at least thirty feet away from windows (birds will be more likely to recognize windows as a part of the house) or no closer than three feet (too close for a collision to be fatal).
  • Year-round use of bug screens: If your windows are contemporary dual-pane, you can leave the screens up to act as a cushion in the event that a bird strikes the window.
  • Whitewash: You might want to think about whitewashing the windows in your shed or basement.
  • Vertical blinds: Keep these halfway (or more) closed.
  • Shades and curtains: Close them if you’re not using the light or aren’t looking out the window.
  • Lights: Close the curtains or blinds or turn off the lights at night.
  • Make your windows bird-proof: There are appealing, affordable ways to assist

Think “bird-safe” when you build or remodel

  • Fritted glass windows allow you to see through them, but birds can clearly see through them because of the closely spaced opaque glass dots that are fused on the outside.
  • Glass that is angled: If windows are oriented downward (20 degrees), the glass will not reflect the sky or trees.
  • UV-reflective glass: UV-reflective glass, like Ornilux, is transparent to humans and visible to birds.
  • Windows with etched or sandblasted glass: Any design can be applied to the glass. (This works best if the areas devoid of pattern are no wider than 4 inches or taller than 2 inches.)

Provide an Impact-absorbing Barrier

Among the most effective barriers to stop window strikes are standard window screens. Not only do they diffuse the reflection, but they also give colliding birds a bounce-back cushion.

Windows can be covered with screen that uses suction cups or hooks to adhere to the glass. By cushioning the bird in the event that it unintentionally flies toward the window, this lessens reflection and keeps it safe. Territorial birds are also deterred from attacking their reflection in the glass.


How common is it for birds to fly into windows?

In the United States alone, up to one billion birds are killed each year after colliding with buildings. While window collisions can happen at any time of year, they are especially common during migration. Artificial light at night exacerbates the risk of collisions for migrating birds.

What does it mean when birds fly into your window?

Things You Should Know A bird flying into your window can symbolize a new change in your life, like a new job or relationship. It may be a reminder to believe that good things are coming in your future. A bird crashing into your window can also be a reminder to listen to your gut and trust your intuition.

What time of year do birds fly into windows?

Unfortunately, window strikes are common for wild birds, especially during their mating and migrating seasons in spring and fall, so figuring out how to stop birds from flying into windows can help save their lives.

What to do if a bird flies into a window?

Try to restrain the bird immediately. Place it inside a small container (e.g., unwaxed paper bag or cardboard box) and move the container to a dark, quiet, warm space. B. Contact your local wildlife rescue (see list below) as soon as possible and arrange for the bird to be transported to their facility.