do birds eat vine weevil grubs

However, over the past few days, three to four hundred grubs have been placed outside and then disappeared. Although we have noticed the occasional bird visit, these observations are insufficient to account for the disappearance of this large number of grubs. So the question still stood: Where have all the grubs disappeared to?

With a sinking heart, Mud discovered that our lovely ornamental plants were once again being attacked by Vine Weevils! Towards the end of last week, he noticed that some of our lovely plants appeared rather sick, and remembering the carnage of the previous year, he literally started investigating the mystery—or rather, the compost of the plants that were affected.

It appears that Mud discovered the solution to this riddle while giving the plants some nighttime water. Ants! Dozens and dozens of Ants!.

He examined the compost at the base of each plant one by one, and as he made ever more pointed and angry discoveries, I knew without a doubt—and without Mud having to say anything—that the issue was not only widespread but almost epidemic.

Under the hedge appears to be a sizable and active ant colony, and they have been more than delighted to help themselves to the creamy white treats we have set out for them. Mud noticed a row of grubs ahead of the hedge that were moving and then vanishing into the earth as he watered. He peered more curiously, wondering how they were able to “get out of” the saucer and across the lawn. What he saw as he peered closer was that ants were climbing into the saucer and carrying the grubs whole, or chopping off their heads to carry them back to the nest. Ants, one or two at a time, carrying the grubs to the entrance and then vanishing into the depths of what must be a massive nest I cringe to think, but at least we now know that all we need to do is let the ants do the heavy lifting and place any contaminated plant pots in that section of the lawn for a few days!

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An insect known as the vine weevil can consume a variety of decorative plants and fruits, particularly those cultivated in containers. Adult vine weevils eat leaves and the grubs eat roots.


What kills vine weevil grubs?

Vine Weevil is a major pest BOTH under-glass and in the garden, where it can have devastating effects often causing the death of plants. Control vine weevil naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer to kill the grubs and using Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Traps and or Zee No Weevil to control the adults.

What attracts black vine weevil?

Adults hide during the day in leaf litter, other debris, or soil under the plants. Adult weevils are more abundant after wet summers and may commonly be found in and around houses, being attracted to lights.

Can you see vine weevil eggs?

Vine weevil egg are tiny, brown and near enough impossible to see without the help of a magnifying glass. They are laid in summer through to early autumn, on the surface of the soil. There are thought to be 60,000 species of weevil. Not all of them are considered a pest and not all of them do damage to plants.

What do weevil grubs eat?

Adult vine weevils eat leaves and the grubs eat roots.