do bird scarer kites work

The Supersize Bird Scarer

The Supersize Bird Scarer is a fantastic product to scare away those bothersome unwanted birds. It is a much larger variant and different design from the current Hawk Kite bird scarers that are currently available. The enormous bird scarer kite is ideal for deterring pigeons, gulls, and other pests that crop growers and farmers struggle with. Our very own bird-scare-hawk kite, created in the UK, has been redesigned to increase the strength of the framework connections. The crew has extended and reinforced the pockets and nose connector that hold the rod supports, and they have significantly thickened the glass fiber framework. All of the aforementioned will result in more reliable performance and stable flight. The fiberglass-framed Hawk kite is constructed of Spinnaker Nylon and includes a Free line Rig for attaching it to a telescopic flag pole. Perfect to protect all your crops. This amazing product is perfect for everyone to enjoy, measuring an impressive 180 x 82 cm, and comes with a handle and line rig. It is recommended for users aged 8 and up. Please be aware that due to its larger size, this product performs best when flown from a 6 meter Professional Telescopic Flag Pole and in the suggested wind range of 5 to 15 mph.

Purchase options and add-ons

Brand Flerigh
Color multicoloured
Material Metal
Theme Bird
  • HOW BIRDS SCARER WORKS: The realistic patterns and colors, blended with the dynamic behavior of flying with the wind and the vibration created by the bird scarer’s kite-like wings, all work together to frighten birds without endangering them. It can protect farmland, Gardens, orchards.
  • COVER AREA AND APPLICATION: The valid cover area of our bird scarer kite is between 200 and 500 square meters. keeps flocks of birds like pigeons, starlings, seagulls, and crops safe from buildings, balconies, allotments, seeded lawns and gardens, orchards, patios, vegetable gardens, farmyards, and crops.
  • EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: There are several styles available for Flerigh bird repellent kites. Every bird repellent kite uses a laser-cut shape and splicing technique that makes it difficult to break. Cloth and double hemming make kites more durable.
  • VERY HELPFUL USING TIPS: Angle the rod toward the ground and use it downwind. When mounting the rod, be sure to stretch each section into position.
  • QUALITY SERVICE: Please contact us as soon as possible with any questions you may have regarding the bird scarer kite, and we will do our best to respond to you in a way that meets your needs.

do bird scarer kites work

do bird scarer kites work

do bird scarer kites work

do bird scarer kites work

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Flerigh Bird Hawk Flying Kite with Pole Crop Protector Bird Scare Flying Kite with 4m Pole – Owl Kite

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Looking after your hawk kite bird scarer

It is important to keep in mind that flying the hawk kites in winds exceeding 15 mph can cause damage to both the hawk and the flag pole. Please be aware that occasionally moving the product’s location will maximize its effectiveness by preventing birds from growing accustomed to the hawk Please take note that for best results, place the hawk kite in various locations and take it down occasionally to prevent birds from growing accustomed to the bird scarer. Please do not leave up 24 hours a day.


Do bird scaring kites work?

The flat hawk kite is great for farmers, gardeners and people who want to protect their ponds and allotments from unwanted bird of prey visitors. The flat hawk bird kite works perfectly to scare pigeons, seagulls and other pests that farmers and crop growers have problems with.

What is the most effective bird deterrent?

Bird Spikes are a simple but effective deterrent for birds. The blunt, harmless spikes thwart birds’ efforts to land without harming them in any way. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed.

Do any bird scarers work?

Audio and visual deterrents can be effective in the short-term, but birds can get used to them. Chemical deterrents can be effective, but their effectiveness may vary, they may cause cascading harm in your environment, and birds can be immune or develop immunity to the effects of this type of treatment.

How effective are hawk kites?

The Hawk Kite is an effective deterrent of pigeons, starlings, gulls and crows, and it will deter flocking birds as well as discourage unwanted feeding and nesting in protected areas. The Hawk Kite is lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant. It is simple to set up and requires only a light breeze to fly.