do as i say angry birds

Matilda tries to teach the Blues how to behave, but will she be as good as her word when the Pigs attack?Matilda tries to teach the Blues how to behave, but will she be as good as her word when the Pigs attack?Matilda tries to teach the Blues how to behave, but will she be as good as her word when the Pigs attack?


Behind her, Jay, Jake, and Jim were sliding off the cliff, creating a lot of noise, and Matilda was enjoying the scent of her roses that had made the Eggs nest. She told them not to do it again. They quickly began to bounce on a green ball that they managed to slip off. The green ball collided with the eggs. The Blues received punishment once more, but this time their eye pupils were enormous. Afterwards, Matilda left and the Blues continued their mischief.

On the eggs, they painted a target that they intended to shoot. When they were about to, Matilda realized what would happen and was terrified. She dove to prevent the eggs from being shot, absorbing the impact of the egg on the plunger’s forehead. Enraged, Matilda starts persecuted them. The Blues were ashamed but then noticed something behind Matilda. Matilda continued to yell at them, and all she could see was their look of shock. She discovered a Minion Pig was going to steal the eggs when she looked into why.

Using a mechanical claw, the Minion Pig was retrieving the eggs. Matilda shot an arrow at the pig. Next, the Blues informed one another that Matilda had instructed them to “no shoot arrows.” Sadly, aiming the arrow at the pig just makes the crank turn faster. Eventually, the eggs reached their maximum height, which made The Blues and Matilda yell.

Then, while sprinting up the cliff, Matilda began to attack the pig and rewind the claw. The Blues imitated Matilda’s “no jumping” statement after spotting her hopping on the pig while they were earlier bouncing on the ball. Then the claw descended completely along with the eggs.

After tossing the pig off the precipice, Matilda tumbled down it. The Blues all shook their heads, claiming that Matilda had said “no sliding,” when Jim then imitated Matilda falling off the cliff. Then, mimicking the Blues, Matilda collided with the pig. Then she laughed. But instead of supporting her, the Blues shook their heads, only to later retract their decision and playfully leap onto Matilda.

However, Matilda soon realized that since she had committed them all, they could do as they pleased, and they all went off to have some fun, leaving the injured pig in the hole that Matilda had fallen into.


  • Before the title card even cuts to the opening shot, Matilda’s voice can be heard.
  • One of the eggs has a target painted on it at 0:59. The target was eliminated at 1:07 and remained that way for the duration of the show.
  • When Matilda is hit with the arrow, her eyelashes disappear.

When the Pigs attack, will Matilda, who is trying to teach the Blues good manners, be as trustworthy as she says she will be?


What are the Angry Birds saying?

Red bird says in flight “Ah, Hing it!” Whatever “hing” means, who knows. Yellow bird says in flight “Lu-i-gi!” He must be Italian. White bird in flight “Weeeeeeee!” Black bird says “Ha-ha” while in the slingshot and something like “Huuuuurrrrrr!” in flight.

What angry bird says oh my god?

Mime seems to have a calm personality. Since that he is only one mime, he only acts things out. Whenever he is surprised, he says, “Oh, my God…”, which is his catchphrase.

What language do the Angry Birds speak?

They speak in the way their species do and they speak some grunts that can be understood and related with something. The grunts occasionally contain words of some languages like Finnish.

What is the female bird in Angry Birds?

Ruby is a Bird from the Angry Birds Seasons portion of the Classic dimension. Ruby (also known as Female Red Bird or Girl Bird) is an unplayable bird who appears in the Hogs and Kisses episode of Angry Birds Seasons.