do all birds have arch support

Wondering why Allbirds are so popular? And if the hyped up shoes + clothes are worth the price tag? In short: YES (shop them here)! After owning 9 pairs of Allbirds shoes since 2016, and now some of their clothes I can wholeheartedly say they live up to their tagline of “the worlds most comfortable shoes” …and I guess clothes now too!

Below youll discover what makes Allbirds popular (SPOILER: eco conscious, cloud like feel, gorgeous designs!), what you need to know about their sizing and arch support, how long you can expect them to last, and so much more! Table Of Contents

Allbirds started off as “the worlds most comfortable shoes” with the launch of their first product, an ultra comfortable shoe made from Merino Wool from the sheep in New Zealand.

They have since expanded to include shoes and clothing made from materials like eucalyptus trees, sugar cane, recycled plastic bottles, and castor-bean oil giving them the eco-friendly and sustainable stamp of approval.

Each style of Allbirds comes in multiple fun limited edition color combinations. Their shoes, which primarily sell direct-to-consumer through their website, as well as their physical stores, run between $100-$160. Don’t expect an Allbirds sale because they don’t run promotions.

Allbirds, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a B-Corp company whose mission is more than just providing a financial return to their shareholders, but to also help the environment. The company was founded by Tim Brown from New Zealand and Joey Zwillinger from San Francisco. Tim and Joey set out to create a new category of footwear inspired by natural materials.

Allbirds Tree Runners Shoe Review

With the exception of the uppers’ Tencel lyocell construction rather than wool, the Allbirds Wool Runners and the Allbirds Tree Runners are identical sneakers. Compared to the Wool Runners, these shoes are lighter and more breathable thanks to this material.

We bought a pair of Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners in the color Kaikoura White with a white sole for me and a pair of Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners in the color Charcoal with a Charcoal sole for Laurence.

The shoes fit us both well out of the box. Though they are cozy and hug your feet, the shoes lack the wool runners’ warm, fuzzy feeling. When I wore mine outside the house for the first time, it was to the airport, and I discovered that they were comfortable to wear without causing any break-in time. Again, like the other shoes, they travel and pack well.

In contrast to the Wool Runners, I can double knot the shoelaces on the Tree Runners because they are the ideal length for me. Thus, this is a slight benefit for the Tree Runners in my opinion.

The Tree Runners’ fabric is designed to be thermoregulating and is lighter and more breathable. This indicates that these shoes are more appropriate for warm weather than the Wool Runners. Ours have held up nicely in hot regions around the equator, such as Uganda and Kenya, where we have worn them.

I think these shoes are the most adaptable of the three Allbirds Runner styles in terms of wearing them with practically anything. In my opinion, these pairs better than the wool runners with dresses, skirts, shorts, and summer attire. It’s obviously just a matter of taste, but wearing summer attire with wool sneakers seems a little odd to me.

Laurence and I traveled through Italy in the summer of 2022, spending roughly three weeks together wearing our Allbirds Tree Runner sneakers. strolling miles every day through the towns and cities of Italy, and even engaging in some light hiking These shoes were very durable, and we didn’t get any scrapes or blisters. Even in extremely hot weather and with socks on, our feet felt comfortable and didn’t overheat. We felt this was a true test of these shoes.

These are the shoes that we have chosen to wear most frequently without socks out of all of the others. This is mostly due to the fact that we are more likely to travel somewhere warmer without socks. Additionally, we have found them to be comfortable with or without socks, just like the other Allbirds shoes we have tried.

These shoes are not water-repellent, so they will absorb water quickly if they get wet. Therefore, they are not very resilient to rain or other adverse weather conditions. Therefore, if you want to avoid having wet feet in the rain, these are not the shoes to wear. They do, however, have the benefit of drying slightly quicker than wool sneakers.

I decided to purchase white Tree Runner shoes at this point. This was a poor decision because the shoes became unclean very quickly and could not be kept clean with spot cleaning alone. Even after two machine washes, they still have a somewhat worn-out appearance. Laurence’s dark grey sneakers, on the other hand, have not required a machine wash after the same amount of wear and exhibit significantly less dirt, making them a far better color choice for traveling. So I personally would recommend avoiding white shoes for travel.

I bought two more sensible colors of these shoes—Hazy Beige (beige sole) and Bough (taupe sole)—because I adore them and wore out the white ones. My Hazy Beige shoes recently went on a 3. a five-month trip that stopped in Morocco, the UK, Rwanda, and Uganda Laurence still owns his charcoal pairs in addition to a more recent pair with chamonix (dark grey soles).

All things considered, we both adore our Allbirds Tree Runners and think they’re a fantastic choice for travel shoes. They are comfortable, breathable, and versatile. They can easily fit into a backpack or a suitcase because they are lightweight. These are our all-time favorites from Allbirds when it comes to travel footwear.

In our experience, Tencel holds up slightly better to wear and washing than wool, and these shoes are more comfortable in warm, humid climates. If you’re looking for sneakers to wear in warmer climates, these are the ones we recommend.

do all birds have arch support

do all birds have arch support

do all birds have arch support

I was on the lookout for some brownish colored Tree Runner shoes which were not then available for sale by Allbirds. But I was able to find a pair in my size in the Allbirds Re-Run program on the U.S. website. This is where Allbirds offers their returned, gently used, and imperfect shoes at discounted prices.

I bought the Bough (Taupe Sole) color Allbirds Tree Runners. They are tan/gray in color, which is perfect for what I was searching for.

Each pair of shoes has a condition rating. Allbirds’ inspection revealed them to be in “Excellent” condition. Specifically, the description stated: “Condition: Excellent Faint pilling on interior. Faint discoloration on outsoles. ”.

I paid $69%(plus regular shipping and taxes) and the shoes were returned for $105, so we saved $36% or $356.86. The kind and condition of the shoes will determine the savings.

The shoes came packaged in a brand-new box with cardboard inserts, just like all of Allbirds’ shoes. The outside soles did not appear to be discolored, and there was very little wear on the inside that was barely perceptible.

It was a positive experience because I was able to purchase shoes in a color that was out of stock for a lot less money than I could have at retail.

Unfortunately, at this time, the Re-Run program is limited to the U S. , but it is a choice available to Americans

Allbirds Wool Runner 2 Shoe Review

The original Wool Runner shoes were introduced in 2016, and in 2023 Allbirds released an updated version to these shoes, the Wool Runner 2 shoes.

A wider toe box, increased foam cushioning in the midsole, a slightly chunkier appearance, and a new outsole with a deeper lug pattern to improve traction are the main variations between the two. Additionally, Allbirds debuted half sizes in their Runners collection for the first time. These shoes are made of the same materials as the original Wool Runners that we previously reviewed.

To better compare the two, I ordered my Wool Runner 2 shoes in the same size as the original Wool Runners and in a very similar color (Dark Grey with a Light Grey sole). Overall, they have very similar looks and feels. My toes loved the additional wiggle room, so I really appreciated the wider toe box on these shoes.

During my testing week, I experienced a problem with tightness around the tongue of these shoes, which is why I had to return them. Additionally, I noticed that tiny stones appeared to enter the new outsole’s deeper grooves more easily, which was slightly bothersome but not a big deal. Additionally, I wish the laces were longer, just like in the original.

All things considered, these resemble the original Wool Runner shoes rather well. The largest modifications are the larger toe box and the addition of half sizes for people whose feet didn’t fit properly in the Allbirds full sizes. That, in my opinion, would be the primary justification for selecting these over the original Wool Runners.

They ought to function just as well for travel as a decent pair of travel shoes as the original Wool Runners did. They would be ideal in colder climates where you need a little additional warmth.

Allbirds Trino Socks Review

We chose to test out the Allbirds line of Trino socks, which are all made of Trino, when we placed our order for the Allbirds Tree Runners. They developed a knit fabric called Trino, which is composed of recycled nylon, spandex, Tencel lyocell, and merino wool. They have a range of fits and lengths for the socks, including tube socks and no-show socks.

Between us, we’ve ordered three pairs of Trino socks, all in the Trino Sprinters – Low Rise style. I have two pairs (1 gray, 1 off-white) and Laurence has one pair (gray) that match our Allbirds shoes.

The socks are made of eco-friendly materials, match the Allbirds shoes well, and are of good quality. Similar to the shoes, information about their composition and carbon footprint can be found. It’s also fantastic that you can find socks that complement the majority of Allbirds’ shoe colors, as these can be difficult to locate elsewhere.

We therefore have nothing negative to say about the socks, so if you’re interested, we suggest giving them some thought. But, considering that a single pair of low-rise socks costs $15, we’re not sure if we would buy more of them given the abundance of less costly options. Usually, there’s an online deal where you can get a discount of either 15% or 20% off if you purchase X pairs of socks.

Allbirds has limited the number of socks offered since we ordered socks from them back in 2021. If you are looking for new good quality socks elsewhere, a few of our favorite brands for quality wool socks are Smartwool, Farm to Feet, and Darn Tough. All these brand’s socks are made in the USA.


Do Allbirds provide arch support?

Our Dashers and Trail Runners have a medium contoured arch support built in and our Flyers have mid arch support to get you through those long runs. For customers looking to use their own inserts or orthotics, our insole is easily removable to make these adjustments.

Are Allbird shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

I love Allbirds’ padded insole—it’s soft and cushy, which is ideal for my high arches and keeps my feet happy even when I’m standing or walking all day long. They also have helped keep my plantar fasciitis at bay (along with this night splint).

What are the quality issues with Allbirds?

Around the same time, Allbirds was also grappling with the problems with the Wool Runner redesign, which attempted to address customer complaints that the shoes were uncomfortable and the organic, all-natural fabric was too easily damaged.

Are Allbirds running shoes?

Are Allbirds shoes good for running? You better believe it! Three Allbirds shoes designs are made for getting out there and running: The Tree Dasher 2 (everyday runs), Tree Flyers (long-distance runs), and Trail Runners SWT (off-road running).