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Birds: singing in the still of the afternoon, glimpsing a cherry red breast as a Robin scoots across the garden, the irritation of seagulls descending on your beachfront picnic and laughing at the animated rather cross variety (you know the ones we mean).

With 11,000 different bird species in the world (not including the animated ones) our lives are continually touched by these awesome creatures. They are the animal known for the superpower that we all wish we had – the ability to fly.

What else do we know about this winged wildlife? Here are our 18 amazing facts about birds…

Pigeons can recognize humans

Pigeons are not good with faces, but they recognize faces in particular. Pigeons can recognize specific faces even when they are dressed differently, according to Live Science. They also appear to use this ability to avoid being around unfriendly people.

According to Live Science, the hypothesis was put to the test by having two researchers who were similar in size and skin tone but had different colored lab coats feed pigeons. After giving the birds the food, one ignored them, while the other drove them away. The feeding session was then resumed, but this time, nobody showed hostility toward the pigeons. The researcher who had chased the pigeons away in the first session was studiously avoided by them in the second and subsequent sessions. Even after exchanging lab coats, the pigeons stayed away from the initially antagonistic researcher.

It’s also claimed that crows can distinguish between good and bad humans and can recognize people. There have even been reports of certain crows leaving “gifts” for people who feed them.

Woodpeckers can peck really fast

Woodchucks don’t chuck wood, but woodpeckers definitely do peck wood. And they peck it for many reasons. Occasionally, they search for insects to eat, and other times, they attempt to make a

cavity for a nest or roosting spot. In the spring, woodpeckers can be downright annoying when they drum away at wood and other surfaces while trying to attract a mate, according to Mass Audubon.

All that pecking really adds up — to as much as 8,000 pecks per day, according to Birds & Blooms. And it’s not just the quantity of pecks but the speed with which they can do it that is impressive. Downy woodpeckers can peck as fast as 16 times a second. Is there anything you can do 16 times in a single second?

Birds: seagulls swooping down on your beachside picnic, laughing at the animated rather cross variety (you know the ones we mean), singing in the still of the afternoon, catching a glimpse of a cherry red breast as a Robin scoots across the garden

With 11,000 distinct bird species worldwide (not counting animated ones), these amazing animals constantly influence our lives. They are the animal renowned for possessing the superpower of flight, which is something we all desire to have.

What more can we learn about this avian fauna? Check out these 18 incredible bird facts.


What is a bird facts for kids?

Birds are warm-blooded animals that lay eggs and have their bodies covered with feathers. They have wings, but not all of them can fly, a hard beak with no teeth and two legs covered with scales.