did max verstappen hit a bird

Max Verstappen led from start to finish for the third consecutive F1 race with victory at the Canadian GP; Verstappen leads the championship by 69 points from team-mate Sergio Perez; Formula 1 returns with the Austrian GP live on Sky Sports F1 from June 30 to July 2

Max Verstappen has revealed the bird he hit in the early stages of the Canadian Grand Prix stayed on his car for the remainder of the race.

Verstappen, who led every lap of the race in Montreal, told his team on Lap 11 that he hit a bird but it didnt slow him down as he beat Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton by nearly 10 seconds.

The victory was Red Bulls 100th in Formula 1 and Verstappens 41st, which equals the tally of three-time world champion Ayrton Senna.

“It was still stuck on my car when I came in, it didnt look great!” he told Sky Sports F1.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner later confirmed that the bird had been lodged in the brake duct of Verstappens RB19.

“The biggest moment he had was hitting a bird that did half the race behind the front right brake duct,” Horner said.

Verstappen explains tyre difficulties

Because of the early safety car, the leaders decided to use a two-stop strategy, and Verstappen repeatedly radioed in to express his displeasure with the grip.

He thinks this is why Red Bull struggled more than other cars—the lower temperatures.

“Today was tricky because of the cold temperatures. The Dutchman remarked, “We couldn’t get the tires to work; they were always too cold.”

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Since we know that a car’s tires are its strongest component, cars with slightly larger tires likely performed slightly better today.

“It’s hard to tell how the others were driving because I believe we weren’t at our best, but winning by nine seconds indicates we still have a strong vehicle.”

It was just a matter of management; sometimes you couldn’t feel the grip that was there, so you couldn’t push to the fullest extent possible. “.

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Red Bull has revealed that the remains of the bird that Max Verstappen hit in the Canadian Grand Prix got entangled in his car for the entire Formula 1 race.

did max verstappen hit a bird

did max verstappen hit a bird

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19

Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport s

On the eleventh lap of the Montreal race, Verstappen radioed his team to let them know he had hit a bird on the way out of one of the corners.

Verstappen did not report any subsequent loss of performance, and the Dutchman’s car did not appear to sustain any significant damage.

But when Red Bull’s RB19 was brought back to the garage after the race, they discovered that the animal’s remains had become lodged in the vicinity of the front right brake duct.

“I think the biggest moment he had was hitting that bird, which just did half the race behind the front right brake duct,” team manager Christian Horner remarked. “.

Verstappen acknowledged that he saw the remains after getting out of the vehicle at the end.

“It didn’t look great when I came in; it was still stuck on my car!” he exclaimed to Sky. “I also regret that the mechanic had to take it out.” “.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, 1st position, on the podium

Photo by: Jake Grant / Motorsport s

The largest issue Vertappen seemed to have in the Canadian Grand Prix was controlling tire temperatures; all drivers were having trouble getting the rubber into the ideal operating window because of the colder weather. This was in spite of the small drama the bird caused.

Horner went on, “They just had trouble getting the car’s temperature up, and it’s difficult to generate energy when there are only about six corners and long straightaways here.”

“At certain moments, it was evident that the drivers’ lap times varied significantly.”

However, Max managed to disable the DRS and open a safe gap ahead of the safety car. Then he also received 10 seconds after the safety car.

Because this kind of circuit is fairly uncommon, it’s really encouraging to have overcome this obstacle as well. “.

Verstappen stated that getting the tyres to perform well was more important than controlling degradation during the race.

“Normally its all about tyre management, right?” he said. “But today was definitely more about pushing. There were moments when the lap time was just a lot of ups and downs.

Sometimes it was impossible to push yourself to the absolute limit because you never knew what results you would get. Thus, I found that it was somewhat difficult to drive on the hard tire. Afterwards, I wanted to slightly widen that gap on the medium.

Naturally, there will come a moment when you have ten to fifteen laps remaining and a healthy lead, so you don’t want to take too many chances. It’s probably not pushing, but you can’t let your tires get too comfortable or they will lose their temperature. “.


Did Max hit a bird in F1?

MONTREAL — Max Verstappen was so in control of the Canadian Grand Prix that he managed to win the race despite having a dead bird stuck in a brake duct of his Red Bull. Verstappen, who is cruising towards a third world championship, radioed Red Bull during the race to say he had hit a bird on track.

Why is Max Verstappen so controversial?

Mercedes lodged two protests: one concerned Verstappen’s overtaking of Lewis under the safety car, and the other was “against the classification established at the end of the competition”. These two protests were dismissed, and Max Verstappen was officially proclaimed World Champion.

What did Max Verstappen do to Perez?

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says the chapter is closed on the Brazil Grand Prix after Max Verstappen refused to let Sergio Perez overtake him.