did hitler have a bird

Geiss claims that Germany “was not responsible for the outbreak of World War II,” feeding off the wave of revisionist “histories” that have recently surfaced in many countries, such as “The Auschwitz Lie” by former SS officer Thies Christopherson. The fact that international Jewry declared political and economic war on Germany in 1933 is historical. And we didnt commit genocide on the Jewish people. The war claimed many Jewish lives, and we acknowledge that some subordinates mistreated Jews. However, we do not believe that there was a plan to commit genocide and that Hitler ever gave an order. “.

A young freelance writer who has uncovered many neo-Nazi activities, Warner Poelchau, adds, “you cant underestimate the importance of people who want to prove that the killing of the Jews wasnt true,” despite the fact that this is exaggerated.

In Geiss view, Germany today has “no national policy. Our nation is under occupation; instead of having a national government, its citizens merely carry out orders from Moscow or Washington. “.

Geiss, 49, is what German security officials refer to as “a bridge” between the remnants of the old Hitlerites and ultra-nationalists and the sporadic groups of thugs who have resurrected from the neo-Nazi movement in West Germany.

Geiss admits that his arguments have not made many converts. “The majority of people accept as true what they read in the West German newspapers and see on television regarding the Holocaust.” Up until a few years ago, I even thought the Jews were gassed, but they have been reeducated for 34 years. “.

Claimed association with Churchill edit

The owner asserted that Sir Winston Churchill, who served as prime minister during World War II, owned the parrot. He says that shortly after Churchill’s death in 1965, his father-in-law returned the parrot that had been sold to him in 1937. In his tales, Churchill trained the singing bird to scream profanities at Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party. [2].

The administrators of Churchill’s former country estate, Chartwell Property, vehemently deny the claim, noting only that he kept a grey parrot somewhere else. Moreover, Lady Soames, the daughter of Churchill, has denied that her father ever had a macaw. She also mentioned that prior to becoming prime minister, he sold his grey parrot, Polly. [2] It is said that Charlie has been residing at Heathfield Nurseries, where she is primarily looked after by Sylvia Martin, the manager of the facility. Sylvia claims that although Charlie has grown older, she is still a bright bird.


Is Winston Churchill’s bird still alive?

Speaking of longevity, here’s a jaw-dropper: A blue and gold Macaw named Charlie is still alive at 114-ish years old. The bird is something of a local celebrity at Heathfield Nurseries. Charlie was rumored to have belonged to Winston Churchill, who also supposedly taught her swear words, so she could curse Nazi’s.

What happened to Hitler’s son?

It is alleged that Hitler had a son, Jean-Marie Loret, with a Frenchwoman named Charlotte Lobjoie. Jean-Marie Loret was born in March 1918 and died in 1985, aged 67. Loret married several times, and had as many as nine children.