did buttons turn into a bird

Our Flag Means Death is back and utter perfection. The beloved show that has meant the world to fans brings with it a season 2 that is a perfect continuation of what where we left off in season 1 as our characters are still unpacking their heartbreak with each other. What is different in season 2 is that there end credit scenes at the end of some of the episodes. These little moments give fans a little special something at the end of the episodes and are just a nice little continuation of the story.

Sometimes, you’re just so excited to go onto the next episode, you might miss the post credit scenes or brush them off. That’s why we have decided to collect them all here for you, so that you won’t miss a single one of the scenes and their importance to the story! Starting with the first three episodes that dropped on the premiere date, let’s talk about what each of these scenes mean and whether or not they’re important to the episode as a whole. Often, they seem to just be a fun little nod for fans of the show.

Episode 1: “Impossible Birds”

did buttons turn into a bird

As “Impossible Birds” episode 1 comes to a close, Jim (Vico Ortiz) is comforting an agitated Fang (David Fane) with a story. The entire crew is furious because Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) went too far, but Fang is taking it especially hard. Thus, Jim decides to go ahead and reassure Fang by promising to tell him a story. And so they do, and that tale? The tale of a puppet who grows up to be a boy? Jim confuses the story with “The Monkey’s Paw,” but it is unmistakably the tale of Pinocchio. What’s amazing is that neither story had been written when the show is set in the 1700s.

Jim recounts this tale in the show as well, but in the credits, we see Jim in character and hear him utter the words, “I pray to you, Dark Lord, to make me real flesh.” Jim continues, “I want to be real flesh!” referring to a monkey paw that promises to make him the fleshy boy he desires. Jim’s story has everyone laughing, and it really makes you wonder if Ortiz was merely amusing himself or if it was staged. Either way, we love it.

The Fate of the Revenge Crew Was Left Uncertain on ‘Our Flag Means Death’

The Our Flag Means Deaths Season 2 finale did not adequately address the fate of the Revenges crew or the precise location to which they will sail off to next. But given the amount of damage Banes (Erroll Shand) and his crew caused to the Red Flag, it is implied that Zheng Yi Sao (Ruibo Qian) has teamed up with them in an effort to murder them. She tries to recruit Ed (Taika Waititi) and Stede (Rhys Darby) as well, since Ed wants to find the little prince in order to get revenge on the English for killing Izzy (Con O’Neill). Auntie (Anapela Polataivao) is also involved in this.

Every odd experience that the ragtag group of the Revenge has had, both individually and as a family, has been intriguing, humorous, and sometimes even fantastical. In light of this, it is safe to predict that this incredibly talented and morally upright crew will embark on yet another round of crazy and humorous adventures, especially since the show has added new characters and, consequently, new dynamics. The group will probably be visiting an island, taking part in another theatrical production on deck, or confronting other pirates head-on. No matter where they are, even if we don’t get to see it, it will undoubtedly be a worthwhile adventure.

What Happened to Buttons in the Season 2 Finale of ‘Our Flag Means Death’?

did buttons turn into a bird

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, Buttons (Ewan Bremner) manages to successfully transform into a seagull. Being the most reclusive and spiritual person on the Revenge, Buttons has always been one of the most fascinating characters. In addition, he’s a pretty interesting guy who also happens to have a strong bond with birds, particularly seagulls. Buttons’ bond with these animals deepens in Season 2, and in “Fun and Games,” he is observed gathering items for a specific avian transmogrification spell. He manages to change into a seagull by the end of the episode and takes off from Ed in the woods. When Ed later tells the crew what he witnessed that evening, they do not believe him, especially Roach (Samba Schutte). Although it is unknown for certain whether Buttons truly changed into a bird, given the fantasy elements woven throughout the program, it is not out of the ordinary.


Did buttons actually turn into a bird Ofmd?

The thing is, no one actually knows whether Buttons really turned into a bird, but considering the theme of fantasy sprinkled into the show, it is not far-fetched.

What happened to buttons in our flag means death?

Ewen Bremner as Nathaniel Buttons, the grizzled first mate on the Revenge whom Stede often calls upon for advice and who is capable of talking with seagulls. After he collects various items for an “avian transmogrification” spell, he seemingly transforms into a seagull and flies away.

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