did alex the honking bird die

It’s never easy to write a eulogy but this one is especially difficult. On April 26, 2021, the world learned that Alex the Honking Bird had passed away. For those of you who don’t know, Alex was a cockatiel and a YouTube star whose claim to fame was his distinct ‘honk’ which he would use to greet various inanimate objects like plush toys, kitchen utensils, toasters, musical instruments, and many other items. He was a natural star, featured in funny home videos and delightful parodies such as Honk Wars (Star Wars), Honky Potter (Harry Potter), The Haunting of Honk Manor and Twin Beaks. (Yes, a Twin Peaks parody with cockatiels. And yes, it is as good as it sounds.)

Alex’s love was real and was on constant display. In his videos, he showed off his affection for life, Dominic, Annika, and himself. He also had beautiful eyes. Alex was the epitome of love; a kind and innocent person whose entire existence was devoted to bringing joy, laughter, and smiles to others. His purpose was to love. This is what makes losing him so hard. We are literally losing love. This is why it’s so difficult say good bye. To do so, I must address Alex himself:

I have been there. That’s why I feel so badly for Alex’s mom Annika. In addition to her own grief, she is also coping with Dominic, Alex’s son. Like humans, birds are grieving when a flock member dies. (If in doubt, all one has to do is look up corvid funerals on Google.) ) I’ve watched my own birds go through this process. They look for and call to fallen flock members. It hurts and only makes one’s own sorrow worse, but it is crucial to support the bird that was left behind. Taking care of oneself while also attending to the bird’s needs requires a careful balance. It is appropriate to acknowledge and honor their love for the members of their flock. It is real.

Alex became a big part of my life. I tuned in regularly to his channel. His videos were encouraging to me when I was depressed. Aside from pure entertainment, he also gave inspirational guidance. Did I mention that he listed motivational speaking as his occupation? I needed his support so much—I needed to hear that it’s “ok not to be ok” or to “keep a honk in my heart.” I looked to Alex for illumination and smiles for years. Observing him taught me a lot, including how much he loved his grey cockatiel son Dominic and his human mother Annika. He was married to Tina, a pearl cockatiel who tragically died in 2016 and was Dominic’s mother. He loved veggie muffins and thunderstorms. He was very good friends with a shiny toaster that, unfortunately, had to be replaced. He eventually managed to accept its departure and bid it farewell. With a lot of love to give, Alex was a deep and complex bird.

Back in 2019, Alex suffered from kidney failure. His life was saved at the time by his mother’s prompt action in getting him veterinary care. Sadly, the physical trauma ultimately took its toll. Alex was almost 24 years old when he died. Not bad for a bird whose estimated life span is between 10 and 25 years. Even so, his death hit me hard. My heart shattered to learn that he had died. Since then, I’ve cried every day because I’ve realized how much I loved him. I miss him like he was my own bird, in part because I felt like I knew him and in part because his passing tore the bandages off wounds from losing my own birds. Some of those wounds are more than 20 years old, and they have never healed and never will. For any pet owner, losing a bird is like losing a family member. It’s a blur of emotions. The blissful ignorance in those brief moments after awakening before harsh reality sets in and the memory of loss delivers that painful kick to the stomach The stillness of the empty cage. The sadness of the silence. The reassuring comfort of finding a feather left behind. The frustrating hunt around the house for more feathers, as though gathering enough of them would somehow enable the bird to be reassembled and miraculously brought back It is an agony that rips at a person’s very being.


Who is Alex the honking bird’s wife?

Tina was Alex’s mate, and mother of the Screm Song Guru, Dominic. She passed away in 2016 due to an egg being stuck inside her.

Who is Alex the honking bird son?

Dominic – Son of Alex the Honking Bird.