could bird box really happen

Everybody has days when they are just too lazy to leave the house. We learn from Netflix’s “Bird Box” film that perhaps staying in our pajamas was a good idea. Drawing from Josh Malerman’s eponymous post-apocalyptic novel, the movie centers on a group of survivors in a world where unexplained “creatures” are responsible for mass suicides. See them, and you’re a goner. How might this unfold in real life? In Malerman’s book, widespread panic strikes very quickly. There have been a few murder-suicides in Russia, Alaska, and Canada, and people are staying inside all the way in Michigan. Naturally, murders, suicides, and even murder-suicides occur frequently in the real world. Similar to the film version, mayhem wouldn’t truly break out until reports spread widely and locally The connection between suicides and vision may not be immediately apparent. CNN reports that Malerman’s victims “all saw something,” but it’s unclear what exactly the victims “saw,” as some cases don’t appear to have any witnesses. In the film, survivors get to witness the horrified looks of the victims up close and are given easy-to-understand explanations about demonic entities and our “worst fears”; however, many of the original survivors may have only seen the horrific aftermath. until of course it was too late. The dissemination of knowledge regarding the “creatures,” and indeed our chances of surviving at all, would largely rely on our communication networks. Though, just in case, you might want to steer clear of that Instagram livestream Since media communications in the source material last for months, we could plan survival tactics. But in the movie, the “creatures” appear to interfere with communication networks, and nearly everyone dies; if this were the case, electrical grids would collapse in a matter of days. Assume, for the sake of argument, that we are completely alone. After closing the windows, our first task would be to blindfold ourselves and gather supplies. The closest sources of food and medicine would be our neighbors’ houses; nonetheless, for the same reason, we would need to defend our own homes, calling for weapons and barricades. If survivor rates were high enough, resource scarcity would lead to an increase in looting and violence, with broken windows and open doors being particularly dangerous. Pharmacies and grocery stores in particular would be prioritized for attack. Most places would descend into anarchy even if a centralized government and military survived in some capacity and martial law was imposed. And there’d be more survivors than you’d think. If the world went all “Bird Box” on us, we would have a significant advantage as more than 21 million Americans report having visual impairments and approximately one million are legally blind. In fact, our best chance of long-term survival may lie in blinding ourselves and our kids with household chemicals or improvised surgical methods. Canes and outdoor fishing line could become commonplace in a world where blind people live. With a little tinkering, repurposed proximity sensors could prove invaluable. It’s possible that some of us will even master human echolocation, which is a real skill. To reduce the possibility of blindfold accidents, excursions outdoors for those who are still able to see would need to be brief. In addition, the hostile supernatural beings and everything else would make it extremely frightening outside. Oh, and the crazy individuals who have turned into the devoted followers of the “creatures” If birds are employed as portable alarm systems, they may end up being man’s best friend. Additionally useful would be a pop-up tent, though we wouldn’t want to spend the night in one. Long-distance travel would be virtually impossible. Hey, perhaps we could just narrow our eyes a bit or look between our fingers. Would that work? It would be extremely risky, and once more, we would be far better off staying at home. Positively, we’d have an excuse to spend all day in our pajamas! On the negative side, spending so much time inside would increase our risk of vitamin D deficiency, weaken our bones and muscles, and increase our risk of depression, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. If a restricted diet is included, the majority of survivors would likely resemble Viggo Mortensen from “The Road” rather than Trevante Rhodes from “Bird Box.” Of course, since we’d be cooped up inside most of the time, exercise would be a good way to stave off cabin fever. After all, if you have biceps this massive five years into the apocalypse, then you’re doing pretty well for yourself! You’re in heaven if you enjoy board games and good literature. sort of. The global population would be decimated. But there would still be hope for the human race. Over time, survivors would locate one another, establish communities, and develop new channels of communication. We could start over, building a brand-new society that is blind-sighted friendly and learning to live with our demons.

She joins up with a group of fellow survivors (acclaimed actors such as Trevante Rhodes, Lil Rel Howery, and the John Malkovich, among others) as they learn what’s going on, and discover together how to navigate this new world. Bird Box is a reverse A Quiet Place, in a way — instead of relying on sight and avoiding making any noise, the characters rely on sound exclusively to guide them, because as long as they don’t see the “creatures,” they’re safe.

Without even having seen it, the plot of the film Bird Box is terrifying. But it also seems kind of out there. In the style of films like M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening and this year’s thriller A Quiet Place, Bird Box paints the picture of a not-so-distant dystopian future in which the main characters have to escape a mysterious force or being that has been wreaking havoc on humans. But could Bird Box really happen?

Don’t worry, though; despite all of the realistic similarities, Bird Box isn’t a work of non-fiction. Though the feelings experienced when witnessing Malorie fight to keep her kids safe are undoubtedly real, I don’t think you’ll be facing the unidentified boogeyman very soon.

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Even though this isn’t how things would end up, what is now considered science fiction or fantasy can frequently happen in a similar way in the future. If you enjoy this genre, it’s likely that you’ve watched one or more episodes of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, where previously imaginary situations or technologies have come to pass. If it turns out that the main antagonist is actually (spoiler alert for The Happening) a chemical derived from plants, or something similar, then watching Bird Box might be a scarier experience. After all, that’s one of the things that draws thrill-seekers to films like these.


Can what happened in Bird Box happen in real life?

Of course, in the real world, murders, suicides, and even murder-suicides, happen ALL the time. As in the movie adaptation, chaos would only really break out once reports became widespread, and local. At first, the link between suicides and sight might not be obvious.

What was the monster in Bird Box?

The Bird Box monsters remain unseen throughout the franchise, adding to their scary and mysterious nature. The creatures may be manifestations of the Earth itself, fighting back to save the planet. The monsters have the ability to tailor fear to each victim and can tap into their memories.

How were people immune in Bird Box?

It’s revealed in Bird Box Barcelona that Seers are immune to the unseen monsters. Their DNA has been altered by some level of emotional trauma — so in Sebastián’s case, grief, from watching his wife die at the onset of the invasion, and subsequently, his daughter at the hands of Padre Esteban.

Why can some people stay alive in Bird Box?

After a while, people realized that these creatures messed up the brains of anyone looking at them, forcing their victims to end their lives. Some people, however, are turned into “seers” by the creatures, people immune to suicidal impulses but who nevertheless are pushed beyond sanity.