can you spot the bird

Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: People with High Intelligence can spot the hidden Bird inside the Fruit & Vegetable Shop picture. Did you spot the Bird in 13 seconds? Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ

Test Your IQ with Optical Illusion: A healthy human brain can view objects from various perspectives, creating a unique perception from each viewpoint. A mind-bending, intensely captivating, shape-shifting object, drawing, or person that defies the brain’s perception of reality is called an optical illusion. Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions are just a few of the many varieties of optical illusions. Psychoanalysis also makes use of these optical illusions since they shed light on one’s perception of reality. An example of a clever illustration is this image of a bird hiding inside a fruit.

Only one person has identified the creature in the picture thus far. A picture of a spot surrounding what appeared to be a bird was posted as a comment on the post by Dr. Shanthkumar B M (@SHANTHKUMAR942). “Maybe this is the bird ??,” Dr. Shanthkumar B. M. wrote while sharing the solution.

The streak-throated woodpecker is widely found in the Indian subcontinent. Their underparts are whitish, and they have yellowish rump and moss-green feathers. This mix of colours allows them to easily camouflage themselves. The black crowns of female streak-throated woodpeckers help them blend in better, but the red crowns of males can occasionally draw attention to themselves.

Optical Illusion for IQ Test: Can you spot the Hidden Bird in the Fruit & Vegetable Shop Picture?

Source: Bright Side

The image above was posted as a mental exercise to see if you can find the hidden bird inside the fruit. A shopkeeper is shown in the photo selling a woman fruits and vegetables. The woman is examining the pear and additional fruits. The puzzle asks, “Find the kiwi in the fruit and veg stand,” which puts viewers in the position of having to locate the hidden bird.

It has been said that the Bird hidden in the image is only visible to keen-eyed viewers. Thousands of adults have been left scratching their heads trying to find the hidden Bird inside the Fruit because of the. This optical illusion serves as just one more entertaining IQ test. On the other hand, determining your IQ level is best done through an actual IQ test.


Why do optical illusions work?

Sight is a complex process that involves our eyes sending raw information for our brain to interpret. This visual system takes many short cuts and makes edits to images before we’re even made aware of them. Optical illusions take advantage of these short cuts and uses them to fool the brain.