can you shoot skye’s bird

Skye’s Guiding Light is getting a massive buff

Given how situational Skye’s Guiding Light was, she doesn’t think meaningful play occurs outside of Bind. When she attempted to throw them farther, Riot Games discovered that Guiding Light’s destructibility was too harsh. This was evident in the new public beta environment. The adjustment will encourage more teamwork and set Skye’s Guiding Light apart from other flashes in the game by boosting top-end output and rewarding her for bending her birds into the proper spots.

Here are the changes in the new update:

Guiding Light (E) flashbang scaling paradigm changed

  • Skyes Guiding Light’s maximum flash duration now ranges from 1 25s to 2. 25s over a . 75s charge up after being cast.
  • Guiding Light can no longer be shot and destroyed
  • New sounds, UI, and visuals have been added to convey the new gameplay intent.

Another adjustment raises the unequip delay from 0 to 1 in Guiding Light. 75s to 0. 85s. Because Guiding Light is unbreakable, it is a far more flexible tool than a situational one.

Skye may finally be used more frequently after her kit was modified to make her E ability much stronger and other agents’ flash abilities were nerfed. These modifications aim to reduce some of Skye’s effectiveness when played alone and raise the game’s overall teamplay output when played in coordinated play. When it comes to using Guiding Light, there is a high skill ceiling along with an additional delay.

A portion of the modifications are presently accessible in the Public Beta Environment and will be incorporated into the game’s live version in the upcoming weeks. The new flash changes and other progression updates, along with Skye’s buffs, should go live with the upcoming patch in mid-October.


Essentially, Guiding Light is a Blind ability that Skye has to equip in order to use. Upon casting she sends out a hawk. Holding fire gives her control over the direction the hawk travels by moving her crosshair in the same direction as the hawk, while clicking fire once propels the hawk forward in a straight line in that direction. While the hawk is still in the air, she can equip her weapons or use other abilities by using Fire, but holding fire requires her to keep Guiding Light equipped the entire time the hawk is in the air. If Skye used Fire to send out the hawk in the first place, she cannot use Hold Fire afterwards.

When the hawk reactivates or reaches the end of its duration, it will change into a flash that explodes after a very short windup. After that, any agent or object in the explosion’s line of sight will be flashed. Guiding Light will also emit a unique audio cue if the flash affects an enemy agent. Apart from the standard flash functionality, the longest flash duration also depends on how long the hawk flew before it was triggered; when the flash is activated instantly, its maximum duration is brief, but it grows longer as the hawk flies, reaching its maximum duration after a brief period of flight. When the hawk reaches the point where its detonation will cause the longest flash duration, it will emit an audio cue and receive an orange aura. Equipped with Guiding Light, Guiding Light thrown, Guiding Light energized


Stat Value Confirmed value?
Equip time 0.8 seconds Check MarkGame files
Unequip time 0.85 seconds Check Markv5.07
Duration 2 seconds Check Markv7.04
Flash max duration windup time 0.75 seconds Check Markv5.07
Flash activation windup time 0.3 seconds Check Markv3.06
Max flash duration 1-2.25 seconds (based on duration windup) Check Markv5.07


Can you control Skye Bird?

Upon casting she sends out a hawk. Clicking fire once sends the hawk forward in a straight line in the direction of her crosshair while holding fire allows her to control the direction the hawk moves by moving her crosshair in the same direction.

Can you shoot Skye flash reddit?

And yes, you can shoot them.

How do you counter Skye flashes?

A lot of enemies counter the flash by turning around, waiting for it to pop, and then facing the front again. You can take advantage of this by simply faking your flash. Let your Guiding Light fly towards an enemy, then swing when it’s close enough.

How long does a Skye blind last?

Enemies will instinctively look away from the hawk to minimize the two-and-a-half-second blind duration, allowing your team to push sites safely. As an added bonus, the skill is Skye’s signature ability that refreshes after 40 seconds, making it the only rechargeable Flash in the game.