can you sell birds on ebay

Despite the Migratory Bird Act having been passed nearly nine decades ago, a startling proportion of Americans remain unaware that it is unlawful to market native American birds, their eggs, feathers, or nests. Some users of the Internet Bird Chat have recently noticed eggs and nests being offered for sale on eBay. One bird chatter monitored 54 eBay auctions selling 67 native bird nests between June 17 and July 15. Only 17 of those auctions were completed, and only 11 of them had bids, because people informed sellers about the laws protecting native bird nests. The highest price for a single nest was $15. 50. One set of 4 nests sold for $41. 00 total. These sales are occurring at the height of the nesting season, which makes the situation worse than it would be if the nests had been saved during the previous year’s winter.

Because people were selling bird feathers, nests, eggs, and entire bodies for so much money that some species were on the verge of extinction, the United States developed laws protecting birds. There isn’t much of a trade in nests at the moment, if eBay sales are any indication, but the recklessness with which people are selling them and the lack of any action taken by the organizations in charge of enforcement portends badly for the future. Inform eBay users that you are worried about this practice if you use the platform. Additionally, send a letter to your state and federal representatives expressing your desire for significant conservation laws to be upheld before this risky behavior spreads.

At least two of the nests being offered as hummingbird nests are obviously not, based on the photos. The sellers exhibit a startling ignorance of both birds and the law. In an advertisement for bluebird, wren, titmouse, and chickadee nests, a seller from Charlotte, North Carolina going by the handle “toad08” stated, “These birds live in my yard all year round and [are] not migratory birds.” However, all native American birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Act. It’s a misdemeanor to possess birds, feathers, nests, or eggs. However, selling them is illegal and carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison as well as a fine of up to $250,000.

eBay has received letters from a number of people asking it to stop serving as a platform for this unlawful activity, but the site’s owners, who make money from sales, won’t enforce this. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and multiple state DNRs have been informed, but they are unable to carry out their duties due to a lack of funding as a result of the anti-tax movement. Despite numerous people informing them that it is against the law, one specific eBay seller has sold three nests since June 17 and is currently working on a fourth and fifth. Additionally, it appears that eBay is unable or unwilling to investigate claims of these legal infractions, both federal and state.

Live Animal Return Policy

can you sell birds on ebay

Is there anyone who knows eBay’s return policy regarding live animals, particularly corals? Although I can’t seem to locate it in writing, a representative informed me that live animals are not covered by eBay’s money-back guarantee.


Are you allowed to sell fur on eBay?

eBay is committed to animal welfare and the protection of native, endangered, and threatened species, so products from endangered or protected species can’t be listed. Sellers can list certain items made from non-endangered or non-threatened animals and wildlife on eBay.

Can you sell animal bones on eBay?

It is illegal to sell or buy most animal parts in California, Foy said, even though it has become common – and thus, to some, might appear legal – on eBay and Craigslist, at second-hand and antique stores, at estate auctions and in pawn shops.

Can you sell corals on eBay?

First Incorporated in 1995 in San Jose, California. eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces out there. While it’s starting to show its age a bit, hobbyists are still able to list coral on their platform. However, sellers will have to fork over quite a bit of the sale – up to 15% on certain transactions.