can you put mosquito dunks in bird baths

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You’re absolutely right when you say that providing water to birds is a great way to draw them in. I’m pretty sure I gave you that advice because I’m a total genius. A small number of bird species visit our food feeders, but all birds require water to drink and clean feathers to maintain their health. A woman brought in some interesting pictures of a Red-tailed Hawk sitting in the center of her bird bath just yesterday. The hawk, according to her, splashed around in her bath for almost twenty minutes before taking off in pursuit of a cream rinse.

Additionally, it is true that mosquitoes are happy to spread some nasty, ancient diseases to humans. It’s more likely that your garden center suggested a product called Mosquito Dunkers rather than “donuts.” A product called “Mosquito Dunkers” is shaped like a donut and is intended to be dropped into tiny water pools. Dunkers emit a larvicide that eliminates mosquito larvae before they have the chance to develop into those soaring adults that constantly seem to be buzzing just inches from my ear. Remember the item is called Mosquito Dunkers, not “mosquito donuts. Mosquito donuts are among the least popular types available at Krispy Kream, not a larvicide.

I’m going to reveal a small secret to you now, Janice. Nothing that we just covered above is required in the slightest. It is not necessary to use the wiggler, the donut, or the oil to keep mosquitoes away. You might wonder why that is, and the answer is that it takes a mosquito at least a week—if not longer—to mature from an egg. That implies that you won’t ever have to worry about mosquitoes in your bird bath if you just change the water once a week.

Is it true that you are from Paterson, New Jersey and not Paterson, Georgia? In New Jersey, the term “skeeters” is only used in reference to Skeeter, the eerie city tow truck driver. If that is the type of skeeter you are referring to, then I can appreciate your concern.

Most people believe that goods resembling Dunkers are safe for most animals, with the exception of mosquitoes. But now that I’ve read the list of cautions and warnings on the packaging, I’m not quite sure. However, I firmly believe that adding salad oil to your bird bath is not a good idea. I don’t know what your friend is thinking. Even Skeeter wouldn’t wash her hair in water laced with salad dressing. The oil might, at worst, cause the birds’ feathers to become matted down, and at best, make them smell like the local Olive Garden’s kitchen staff. Neither are a good thing.


Are Mosquito Dunks toxic to birds?

Yes, Mosquito Dunks are safe and harmless for birds and therefore can be used in bird baths. Are Mosquito Dunks safe for fish? Yes, Mosquito Dunks are completely harmless to fish in ornamental water features.

How do you kill mosquito larvae in water without harming birds?

Soap: Pouring a bit of dish soap or shampoo into an inhabited water source will kill any larvae after a day. Oil: Olive oil and vegetable oil will get rid of mosquito eggs and larvae almost immediately.

What can I put in my water fountain to keep mosquitoes away?

Use Vinegar You would need to add 15 gallons of vinegar for every 100 gallons of water in the feature. For best results, repeat this every month, since the vinegar may evaporate over time.

Can you use Mosquito Dunks in ponds?

REMEMBER: Mosquito dunks are appropriate for containers in backyards and volumes of water similar to a small fish pond or pool.