can you potty train a pet bird

Few people are willing to go out in public with bird poop on their shoulder for friends to notice and comment, “Hey, I bet you have a pet bird,” even though it is relatively harmless and has no smell. True bird lovers accept it with grace and dignity, knowing that from time to time their devoted pet will poop on them. I am one of those people. However, I think all pets should be well-mannered, and it is not polite to urinate on people. Thus, in my opinion, potty training ought to be used to ensure a happier relationship between you and your pet bird. It is true that you can potty train your bird. When it needs to relieve itself, don’t expect your bird to go back to its cage; instead, it will be able to hold it for a fair amount of time until you can move it to a location where it is permitted to let go. This training method’s underlying premise is that your bird needs to urinate every 15 to 20 minutes. The technique is simple. As soon as you remove your bird from its cage, put it right onto its playpen. Repeat a key word that will cause the event while you wait for the bird to drop. I use “Dump”. One of our customers says “Do your Poopie”. Missy uses “Go Poo Poo”. Any word you choose will work. The key words are crucial because they will serve as a cue to communicate your expectations to your bird. Take your bird out of the playpen for a few minutes if it doesn’t leave in two to three minutes. After that, return the bird to the playpen until it leaves. Repeat the process until the bird poops. Until it drops, you are not permitted to remove your bird from the perch for an extended amount of time. The bird’s prize for leaving its perch and joining you is It’s crucial to give them lots of verbal and physical praise when they follow instructions. When the bird is not in its cage, it is crucial to put it back in the playpen every fifteen to twenty minutes, keep it there, and keep saying the key word until the bird falls asleep. Your bird will come out of the playpen to be with you and get more attention and petting as compensation when it poops. Your bird will learn to poop before he is released from the cage if you can say the key word to him once he starts to recognize it. Your bird can be potty trained in two to three weeks if you use this method and are persistent, patient, and adhere to a schedule. If your bird is potty trained, it doesn’t mean that it will go back to its playpen or cage to poop. When a bird is potty trained, it holds its waste for a suitable amount of time—between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on its size—until it is placed in the appropriate location—on a playpen or in its cage. Being potty trained also entails that your bird should poop when instructed, utilizing the previously mentioned key words. This comes in very handy when you take your bird to the homes of friends or relatives. You should be able to tell your bird to poop by holding it over a sink, trash can, or other suitable container, protecting your friends, family, and carpet from unsightly poop stains. This technique works!How to Potty Train Birds By Dr. Greg Burkett Dr. Greg Burkett, the author, holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from North Carolina State. He continued on to North Carolina State to receive his doctorate in veterinary medicine. He continued his post-DVM studies, focusing on avian medicine. In November 2002, he became a Diplomate after passing the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners’ examination in Avian Practice. Fewer than 100 veterinarians can claim that status.

There is a myth that says it’s not a good idea to potty train your parrot because he might hold it until he dies. Beware of this one. This is merely a rumor, so there’s no need to panic! Many animals, including dogs, hedgehogs, and parrots, naturally go through the process of “potty training” when living in the wild.

It’s crucial to wait to discipline your bird for making a mistake until they fully comprehend the desired behavior. You will just confuse them and prolong the learning process. When using positive reinforcement, make sure to compliment the desired behavior.

When attempting to modify this behavior, it’s crucial to avoid startling your bird. He or she is not intending to make a mistake. Your bird will give up the old behavior if you positively reward appropriate behavior.

Similar to humans, young birds may not be able to control their bowel movements until they are at least a year old. Do not punish your bird if an accident happens and you were not there to witness it. After using the restroom, your pet will most likely be thinking about something else in a matter of seconds. Your bird will be perplexed if they are considering cuddling up to your neck right now and you tell them no or punish them.

Steve Hartman was able to combine his extensive construction experience and Natural Resources Management degree from The Ohio State University to create the Hartman Aviary. In 1984, Steve started his aviary with the intention of breeding Blue and Gold Macaws for better temperaments. He has since continued to give guest lectures at numerous colleges and conferences. Steve founded The Parrot University and began producing items like The Aviator Bird Harness and Leash as a result of his experiences with pet birds and large bird aviaries.


Which birds can be potty trained?

Parrots learn quickly, and tame parrots can be potty trained no matter their age. Potty-trained parrots can make better house pets on a long-term basis, and the habit can be developed in as little as 72 hours.

Can you potty train a parakeet?

If they are very young, they cannot control their bowel movement and it may be difficult to train. Some people say that they can control it when they are one year or older, but it’s best to have them trained before they turn one. Be sure your parakeet has been outside and is familiar with your house.

Can you train a parrot to poop in one spot?

Yes. It takes time and patience. You can encourage him to poop before you take him out of the cage or place something under the door of the cage and hold him over it as you use the command you pick such as “poop”. Repeat the command until he does it.