can you pot birds of paradise


This plant is a heavy feeder. Feed it once a week with liquid fertilizer during the growing season, or once a springtime slow-release pellet diet.

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It’s up to you how to divide them (I’d suggest both), but at least repot them. Above all, they appear unsteady, and if you were to remove them from the container, I imagine the roots would now be encircling the sides and suffocating one another.

In strong winds, the top-heaving plants could topple over.

There appear to be many excellent areas to grow in. If they stopped flowering or dried out quickly after watering, you would repot them. Birds of paradise rarely flower indoors, your performance may vary.

This species can grow to be 8 to 10 (~3 m) tall indoors in similar-sized pots, as I have regularly observed.

The best method to determine this is to remove the plant from the pot and examine the roots at the base. You can use a sharp knife to trim a few inches off the bottom of the root ball if it is a solid mass that is circling and there is no soil visible at the bottom. Replant the plant after adding fresh soil to the pot’s bottom, and the task is completed!

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How to Grow Bird of Paradise From Seed

Be patient when growing strelitzia from seeds. It can take two months for the seeds to germinate. Before planting, soak seeds in water at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours. Remove any orange stringy material. Nick the seed with a knife or nail file. Plant the seed 1/2 to 1 inch deep, at least 3 inches apart from other seeds, in a well-draining potting mix. Put the container somewhere warm with indirect sunlight (at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Cover with a plastic wrap or cloche, making sure the soil is damp but not drenched. After the seedling sprouts two or three leaves, move it to a six-inch pot. Your plant is ready for a more permanent home when it reaches 6 inches.


Can birds of paradise survive in a pot?

Recommended Pots The Bird of Paradise plant develops thick, tuberous roots that can fill up the empty space in a pot relatively quickly. Plants grown in their nursery pots will generally take up the entire pot, so it’s always important to buy a container with a larger interior diameter than the size of the grow pot.

How big of a pot should my bird of paradise be in?

Bird of paradise is a rapidly-growing plant that needs to reach a certain size before it blooms. A bird of paradise that is 3 to 4 feet tall grows well in a 10-inch pot. A 5- to 6-foot plant usually thrives in a 14-inch pot. Repot it every spring into the next-size-up pot.

Do bird of paradise like to be pot bound?

Restriction: Keep your plant snug and restricted in its pot, they need to be root-bound if there is any hope of a flower. They require consistent, undisturbed, ideal conditions and if their roots are disturbed in any way, the plant may not bloom again for another 2-3 years.

What kind of potting soil for bird of paradise?

What Type of Soil Is Best for a Bird of Paradise? A well-draining potting soil with peat, perlite, or sand is perfect for growing a Bird of Paradise plant.