can you park bird scooter anywhere

2. How to park

When your ride is over, park your Bird vehicle neatly upright and out of the public right of way using the foot activated kickstand that comes with every vehicle.

Please make sure that your Bird is not parked in the middle of the walkway, as this may seriously interfere with the ability of people with disabilities to walk and use the sidewalk. Furthermore, kindly refrain from obstructing bus stops, stairways, doorways, or access ramps.

*Pro tip: You can always swiftly alert us by tapping the Community button ? in the lower left corner of the Bird app if you see a tipped or improperly parked Bird and aren’t moved by the altruistic urge to tilt it upright for the next rider.

How do Bird and Lime scooter rentals work?

Users can start their scooter ride by scanning a QR code found in the Bird or Lime apps, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The scooter can be started by scanning the code, which unlocks it. Next, raise the kickstand and use your foot to propel the scooter three times before using the handlebar throttle to activate the electric motor.

Use your left hand to apply the brake when it’s time to stop. Applying a light brake when approaching hills, bumps, or other individuals can be beneficial.

After arriving at your destination, park the scooter safely, detach the kickstand, and launch the app. You can then lock the device and end the ride.

However, keep in mind that locking the device prevents other users from using it and keeps you charged. If you’re just rushing through a store or making another brief stop, this is helpful.

You have to end the ride through the app in order to avoid being charged. This puts an end to the timer that calculates your bill.

How do Bird and Lime scooters get charged?

Every night, people paid as “Chargers” for Bird and “Juicers” for Lime pick up the scooters, charge them, and re-distribute them the following morning.

Chargers — known colloquially as Bird hunters or even bounty hunters — can make anywhere from $5 to $20 per scooter, depending on where it needs to be picked up, for the overnight turnaround.

Lime claims that its customers can earn as much as $150 every night.

Who can have these jobs? Anyone can apply online or in the app. Bird and Lime had both previously posted advertisements on the Indianapolis Craigslist site for collectors and people to repair the scooters.


Why can’t i park my Bird scooter?

In some cities, riders must park inside dedicated parking spots, per city regulations. Those are marked in the Bird app with a “P” symbol on the map. If you are inside a parking spot but still cannot end your ride, there might be a GPS location issue and we apologize. We know this can be frustrating.

Can you leave superpedestrian scooters anywhere?

You can not end a ride in a NO PARKING ZONE. The throttle LED will be RED if you are in a NO PARKING ZONE. Avoid parking in regulated areas, which include but are not limited to: NO PARKING ZONES (throttle LED will be RED)

How do you leave a Bird scooter?

Once your Bird is properly parked, simply tap the “End Ride” button in your Bird app. You will be prompted to take a photo of your vehicle in-app to ensure that it has been parked correctly.