can you make birds custard with soya milk

Im not vegan but a family member who visits often and has become vegan. Im learning fast but still got an awful lot to learn. Was amazed to learn that Birds Custard powder is vegan (lovely story – Mr Bird developed it in his chemist shop because his wife was allergic to eggs so couldnt have regular custard). Vegan family member wasnt aware of this either and is quite excited about it. If you have made custard with plant based milk, are there any that work particularly well, and as important any that dont? (Id really appreciate tried and tested responses only please as I want to make it as part of a dessert tomorrow so dont have time to experiment.) Thanks

I use Oatly barista with Birds powder and it works really well. I haven’t actually tried any others to be fair, but I’d imagine Oatly barista is one of the best as it is relatively thick which makes for a nice custard (rice milk, for example, might be too thin). I also think soy milk would be fine but haven’t tried it.

Barista oat milk. I expect regular oat milk would work just as well but we only have the barista one for coffee. Smooth and the milk sweet taste of oats goes really well with the custard flavour.

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What Dairy Free Milk can I use for Custard

The answer to the question of what dairy-free milk to use to make vegan custard is to use what you usually use. Whether I use nut milks, gluten-free oat milk, or soy milk to make homemade vegan custard, I’ve noticed very little difference in texture. I’ve also used coconut milk on the odd occasion too.

The custard’s final flavor will be noticeably different. Should you wish to use your custard as a pourover for a pudding and are tolerant of varying dairy-free milks, consider experimenting with a vanilla custard that has a contrasting flavor.

Microwave or Hob Custard?

It all comes down to how much I can stand and stir the custard on the stove when making homemade vegan custard, whether I do it on the hob or in the microwave.

I use both approaches with 99% success rate every time (there’s always room for improvement!).

If you are particular about the thickness of your custard, or if you are unfamiliar with making dairy-free custard, the hob method is preferable. You have more control when using the hob method because you can take it off the heat or add a little “milk” as you go. Having said that, I have two different tablespoon methods that should work well for people who like both thick and runny custard.

add sugar and custard powder

add a splash of ‘milk’ to make a paste

Barista oat milk. Normal oat milk should work just as well, but we only have barista-quality oat milk for coffee. Smooth and milky, the oats’ flavor complements the custard flavor wonderfully.

I use Birds powder with Oatly barista, and it works incredibly well. To be honest, I haven’t really tried any others, but I think Oatly barista is among the best because it’s reasonably thick, which makes for a delicious custard (rice milk, for instance, might be too thin). I haven’t tried soy milk, but I believe it would be fine as well.

Although I’m not vegan, a family member who frequently visits has adopted the diet I’m picking things up quickly, but I still have a ton to learn. I was shocked to hear that Birds Custard powder is vegan (a sweet anecdote: Mr. Bird created it in his chemist shop to help his wife who couldn’t have regular custard due to an egg allergy). A family member who is vegan was unaware of this as well, and she is very happy about it. If you have made custard with plant-based milk, which ones work especially well and, more importantly, which ones don’t? Please only reply with tried-and-true recipes; I don’t have time to experiment because I want to make it tomorrow as part of a dessert. ) Thanks.

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Can I use oat milk in birds custard powder?

Bird’s Custard Powder can be made with skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole milk. It is also possible to use soya, oat, rice, coconut or even goat or sheep’s milk.

Is Bird’s Instant custard vegan?

Summary. Bird’s custard powder is suitable for vegans when mixed with a plant-based milk such as soy or almond. The powder itself is free from dairy and eggs, using cornflour/cornstarch as a thickener instead.

What is dairy free custard made of?

Plant milk: we use soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk to make a low-fat vegan custard. We use coconut milk to make a richer, full-fat one. Cornstarch: we use it as a thickening agent. We find this hard to replace.