can you freeze bird suet

Suet for birds can be offered year-round, and its especially good in fall and winter. Suet is one of the most popular and beneficial foods you can offer birds. In addition, suet attracts multiple species, so you can be sure it will entice lots of feathered friends to your backyard. Take a look at these dos and donts of offering suet to birds in the backyard to increase your chances of success.

Keep It Fresh

According to Rowden, the largest error people make when buying bird food is purchasing an excessive amount at once. It’s just more difficult to keep larger amounts of food fresh before giving it to birds. While it may be tempting for people to stock up, Rowden cautions that fresher food is better for birds. As such, storing large amounts of food may not only present a logistical challenge but may also not be optimal for the birds’ long-term health. “.

Plus, its the choice of seed itself. “I believe that acquiring seed, suet, or mealworms that aren’t fresh from the start is one of the biggest mistakes we can make when buying bird food,” says Friedman. “We usually buy bird food in a big box store or large grocery store where we already buy other things because it’s convenient.” Because these kinds of stores often stockpile and buy in bulk to reduce costs, this is not the freshest option. It’s likely that the seed you buy from your neighborhood small-town bird shop is obtained in small quantities from the freshest sources. One of the most important aspects of giving the birds the best is to start over. “.

“It’s important to keep your fresh bird food cool, dry, and sealed in airtight containers,” advises Friedman, whose store is situated in Tucson, Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, which is notorious for its intense heat and a variety of desert animals that are constantly trying to get into people’s bird food. She notes that glass, metal, or plastic containers are easier to pour from than plastic storage bags, so choosing one of these might be more practical. Friedman notes that since plastic and paper storage bags aren’t mouse-proof, metal or glass containers might be a better choice for storing items. She says this is something you should definitely keep in mind if mice are a problem in your home.

DON’T give up if you don’t attract your favorite birds right away

You never know what will stop by looking for food, so fall and winter are especially good times to have suet out if you’re hoping to attract a Red-bellied Woodpecker and they just don’t seem to be coming. Even American Robins could make an appearance.

DON’T leave it where critters can get to it

When purchasing in large quantities, it is important to store your investment somewhere that animals cannot access. An air-tight container is best.


How do you store bird suet?

DON’T leave it where critters can get to it If you are buying in bulk, you want to make sure to store your investment in a place that other critters can’t get to it. An air-tight container is best.

Does bird suet get rancid?

Then watch for melt, as even winter sun gets hot. Suet, like all fat, can go rancid. If no one is eating it, then toss after a week. If it is winter this can go longer.

How long does suet keep in the fridge?

Suet should be kept in the refrigerator and used within 5 days if fresh or portion it up using freezer bags where Suet will keep for 6 months frozen then use as needed. Storing Tallow is even easier. Tallow will solidify and keep at room temperature in a sealed container for up to a year and won’t go rancid.

Can you freeze bird food?

It may seem silly but bird food should be kept outside the home and if it is in your home, it should be kept in the freezer. This is because bird food can contain insect pests like the Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella). These moths are commonly found in products like corn meal, bird seed, and stored grains.